• Tuminello

    Brandy Tuminello
    "Success in not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
                                      ~ Winston Churchill
    Grade: Second Grade
    School Phone:985-878-4538
    Conferences Available by Appointment: 
    I have planning on the following days: 
    Monday: 12:00-12:30
    Tuesday 1:00-1:30
    Wednesday: 12:30-1:00
    Our Schedule:
    Monday: P.E. 12:00-12:30
    Tuesday: Library 1:00-1:30
    Wednesday: Computer 12:30-1:00
    Thursday: Music 12:30-1:00, PE 1:00-1:30
    Friday: Computer 12:30-1:00, PE 1:00-1:30
    Lunch: 11:15-11:45
    Recess: Morning 10:00-10:15  
    Afternoon 1:30-1:45

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