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Who We Are

Tangipahoa Parish School System. Established in 1896.

Tangipahoa Parish is one of the fastest growing parishes in the state of Louisiana. The small town living nestled in between the busy crossroads of Baton Rouge and New Orleans makes our communities an ideal place for families to settle into home. Our communities stretch from the rolling hills of Kentwood, to the beautiful marshes of Manchac, making a unique layout for our servicing schools. Children have the opportunity to get a solid start on education by applying to our early childhood and PreK programs and we now have a virtual learning option . Our schools boast many specialty programs such as Magnet Schools, Montessori education, and IB Programmes. The instruction provided by our staff is student-centered with the overall duty to create lifelong learners. 

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Tangipahoa Parish School System will provide every student a high-quality education and pathway to success.


Vision Statement

Tangipahoa Parish School System, in partnership with families and community, will build a safe and innovative environment where each student will be career ready.


Core Values

Be Respectful. Be Compassionate. Be Great.


Philosophy and Goals


We believe the Tangipahoa Parish School System exists to ensure every student graduates high school prepared to secure high wage, high demand jobs and to be productive citizens equipped for college and/or the workforce. In order to accomplish this, the school system must continue to focus on ensuring that every single student obtains our eight critical goals - the pathway to success! The quality of our public education system impacts economic development and growth in our parish. We know that when students graduate equipped to be successful and productive citizens, the cycle of poverty will be broken. We believe, therefore, that all employees who support the education of students must make every effort to meet the needs of all students in granting them the fullest possible educational opportunities.


The focus of the Tangipahoa Parish Public Schools is on the learner, the student. The student’s educational development toward the eight critical goals is the central focus of the Board’s policies and the administrative regulations. The teacher is a key figure in carrying out the school’s responsibility in the educational process. However, the teacher alone cannot effectively achieve all the objectives of education. The purpose of the various administrative departments is to provide conditions in the schools which permit teachers to work with maximum effectiveness and to provide them with a variety of tools and specialized assistance in developing and carrying out a program which will meet the needs of our students. The Board will seek to provide the facilities, personnel, equipment, and materials necessary for the education of all students for whom it is responsible. It is equally important for families to share in the responsibility for educating their children. Families must stay connected and engaged with the progress of their child’s educational attainment throughout the school year.


1. Students enter kindergarten ready.
2. Students will achieve mastery level on third grade assessments and enter fourth grade prepared for grade-level content.
3. Students will achieve mastery level on eighth grade assessments and enter ninth grade prepared for grade-level content.
4. Students will graduate on time.
5. Students will graduate with a college and/or career credential.
6. Students will graduate eligible for the TOPS Scholarship Award.
7. Students will increase instructional time through a strong attendance record and more time in the classroom.
8. Students with disabilities and students of color will increase in attaining mastery or above on the state assessments.


1. Implement Tier I curriculum and assessments as intended with an emphasis on content and instructional expertise in teachers and school leaders.
2. Build a positive school culture that supports student well-being.
3. Strengthen communication and relationships between the central office, schools, and families.
4. Recruit and retain a diverse team of highly effective teachers and leaders.
5. Strengthen effective and sustainable staffing, operations, and budgets that align resources to strategy and program effectiveness.
6. Create a comprehensive turnaround model for schools in need of intensive support.


TPSS 125th Anniversary

October 3, 2021 is the 125th anniversary of the Tangipahoa Parish School Board.

Excerpts from Board Minute Book #1:

School Board Proceedings

Amite City, Louisiana   October 3, 1896

School Board of the parish of Tangipahoa, state of Louisiana, met at the court house in Amite City on October 3rd, 1896 for organization. All the wards were represented except the eighth.  Charles W. Amacker was duly elected President of the Board and O. P. Amacker of Kentwood was elected Superintendent and Secretary. The secretary not being present, the Board adjourned until 16 October 1896.

Amite City, Louisiana   October 16, 1896

School Board met in the Court house at Amite City, La. on the above date, pursuant to adjournment. The Board was called to order by Charles W. Amacker, President, and the roll call of members was ordered, when the following responded:

1st Ward         not represented

2nd Ward        George W. McDaniel

3rd Ward         O. W. Amacker

4th Ward         G. W. Bankston

5thWard          T. E. Tycer

6th Ward         James P. Starns

7th Ward         M. E. Vinyard and Dr. E. W. Meagan

8th Ward         Thomas Morse

A quorum being present, the business of the Board was taken up.  Minutes of the last meeting (October 3rd) read and adopted.

On motion of M. E. Vinyard of the 7th Ward, it was ordered that the Parish of Tangipahoa be redistricted into school districts.

On motion, it was ordered that the Board go into an election of a committee for the examination of teachers which resulted in the election of Dr. Charles S. Stewart and Prof. A. M. Whipple of Kentwood, La.

On motion, it was ordered that the President of the Board be authorized to appoint a committee on audit and account for the board. The President appointed Geo W. Bankston, James P. Starns and Goerge W. McDaniel.

On motion, the President appointed M. E. Vinyard of the 7th Ward on Committee to act with the President and Superintendent on selection of teachers. There being no further business, the Board adjourned until the next regular meeting 2nd day of January 1897.


O. P. Amacker, Secretary

C. W. Amacker, President


First page of the PDF file: copyofpagesfrom1stminutebook_rotated

Read the handwritten minutes of the first school board meeting.