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Pay A Fee

School-Related Fee

SchoolCash Online is the program we use to pay for school-related fees such as supply fees, yearbook purchases, field trips,  athletic events, and technology fees. District fees are now visible in the program. Set up your account to pay your student's District Supply fee. 

TPSS Schedule of Required Curricular and Co-Curricular Fees

Note: Extra-curricular activities such as athletics, clubs, and associations may have a monetary assessment as a requirement for participation. 


Cafeteria Fee

Pay online

MySchoolBucks is the online program we use to pay for cafeteria-related account fees. Connect your students to your account so that you can load money to their account for extra sales.

Students can purchase items such as fresh baked cookies, chips, ice cream, and frozen juice cups. Check with your school cafeteria for a complete list of items.