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Change of Address

Please report to your child’s school to change your mailing or your physical address. To change your physical address you will need to bring the following documents. 

  1. Photo ID of Parent/Legal Guardian

  2. Students Residing with Parent(s): The parent/legal guardian of a student seeking to enroll shall provide the school with at least 2 of the items itemized below as verification of their residential address, each of which must include a physical 911 address with the name of the parent/legal guardian. Any document with a post office box as an address will not be accepted as proof of physical residence. This subsection shall also apply to students who are judicially emancipated and not residing with a parent or legal guardian.

  • Property tax records;

  • Mortgage documents or property deed;

  • Apartment or home lease or notarized statement of the verified property owner identifying himself/herself as the property owner, describing the property, the term of lease, and identifying the leaseholder;

  • Current utility bills showing the physical residence address and “service location”;

  • Declaration of Residence (when the parent is living with another person and the parent has no proofs of residence in his/her own name) and a personal home visit by a designated School Board official; and/or

  • In the case of a student living with a legal guardian or of a student who is of age of majority and residing without a parent or legal guardian, the court decree declaring either the Parish resident to be the legal guardian of the student or the student to be judicially emancipated shall be presented.


Maureen Terese
Coordinator of Registration & Student Assignment

Telephone: 985-474-8691