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Dress Code

2023-2024 Student Dress Code



The policy of the Tangipahoa Parish School Board shall be that no mode of attire shall be considered proper for school wear that disrupts the classroom and/or the school's positive learning environment. In questions regarding student dress and grooming, the principal or his/her designee of each school shall make the final decision as to what is considered proper or improper dress according to the guidelines provided.

The School Board desires to teach each student to use good judgment in his/her total appearance so that the attention of others is not distracted from the purpose of the school. Cleanliness and the values of the community shall be a basic consideration.


The School Board shall notify the parent or guardian of each student of the dress code specifications and their effective date. The dress code shall be distributed in written form or posted on the school’s website annually.

If the School Board modifies the existing uniform policy, it shall notify, in writing, the parent or guardian of each student of the policy adoption or uniform policy modification at least sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of the new or revised policy. Each school shall display any uniform selected for a reasonable period prior to the proposed effective date for wearing of the uniform. However, nothing shall prohibit the School Board from requiring a new or revised dress code or uniform policy without the required notice in the event of an emergency. For the purposes of this policy, emergency shall mean an actual or imminent threat to health or safety which may result in loss of life, injury, or property damage.


It shall be unlawful and against School Board policy for any student or non-student to wear or possess on his/her person, at any time, body armor on any School Board property, school campus, at a school-sponsored function, on a school bus or other school transportation, or in a firearm-free zone, with limited exceptions as enumerated in La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §14:95.9, which includes permitting a student to wear, carry, or possess a backpack on school property or a school bus
that has bullet-resistant metal or other material intended to provide protection from weapons or bodily injury.

School-sponsored functions shall include, but not be limited to, athletic competitions, dances, parties, or any extracurricular activities. A firearm-free zone means any area inclusive of any school campus and within 1,000 feet of any such school campus, and within a school bus, wherein the possession of firearms is prohibited, except as specifically set forth in La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§14:95.2(C) and 14:95.6(B).

Body armor shall mean bullet-resistant metal or other material intended to provide protection from weapons or bodily injury.


The dress and grooming of the students shall be that which, in the opinion of the ordinary reasonable person, contributes to the health and safety of the individual and which is non-disruptive to the educational activities and processes of a school. No student shall wear, possess, use, distribute, display or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, blade, symbols, sign or other things which are evidence of affiliation with drugs, alcohol, violence or gang related activities or exhibits profane or obscene language/gestures.

The School Board shall not exclude a student on account of a natural, protective or cultural hairstyle. Natural, protective, or cultural hairstyle shall include, but is not limited to, afros, dreadlocks, twists, locs, braids, cornrow braids, Bantu knots, curls and hair styled to protect hair texture or for cultural significance.

Dress Code Regulation

The following regulations apply for grades Pre-K-12:
1. Appropriate clothing and footwear shall be worn.
2. Students in grades Pre-K-12 may only wear stud earrings. Piercings other than in the ear are not allowed.
3. Hairstyles, facial hair, and hair color, mustaches shall be clean, neatly groomed (1/4 inch facial hair) and shall not distract from the learning environment nor be a safety factor for any of the school's curricular offering. Neatly groomed facial hair will be allowed. Hair may not be dyed any color other than a naturally occurring color. Any hairstyles, facial hair or hair color that distracts from the unique environment of a school shall be dealt with by the principal or his/her designee of that school.
4. No sleeveless garments shall be worn.
5. No hats, caps, or other head wear shall be worn on school campuses or school buses on regular school days, except when a medical condition or religious belief so warrants. However, this provision shall not apply to necessary headgear outdoors in inclement weather. No hoodies are allowed on school campuses or school buses.
6. Students will be allowed to wear loose-fitting walking shorts if the bottom of the garment is knee-length.
7. The length of jumpers and skirts in PreK - 12 shall be knee-length or below.
8. All shirt tails must be worn tucked inside garments. No midriff shirts or blouses shall be worn.
9. Students who participate in extracurricular activities (e.g. cheerleaders, spirit group dancers, band members, other drill teams) cannot wear the group's uniform to class.
10. Modifications to the dress code may be made only with the approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee.
11. All pants must be worn at the waistline and if pants have belt loops a belt must be worn.
12. All items of clothing must be worn as intended by design.


All students (boys and girls) pants shall be as follows:
Khaki or navy color twill "slacks" with or without pleats, with or without belt loops (if belt loops, students must wear a belt), with or without pockets. NO jeans of any color shall be worn.

Pants must be bought in the child's appropriate size. No "sagging" no over-sized pants, no wide-legged, no bell bottoms, no cargo, no safari, no sweatpants, wind suit pants or carpenter pants shall be allowed.

All students K-12 shall have a choice of long or short sleeve, polo style (pull over) or oxford style (button up) white or navy color shirts. Each school shall have an option of a school color shirt to wear (principal's discretion and approval). Turtleneck shirts or shirts with a zipper are not acceptable.

Solid white, navy or school approved color T-shirts may be worn under regular uniform shirts. The sleeves of the shirts worn under the regular uniform shirts can be long or short and extend past the sleeve of the top shirt. Thermal underwear and turtleneck shirts are not allowed.

Elementary girls shall have an option to wear the "Peter Pan" collar white button up blouse.

Each school principal shall have the option of allowing students to wear a single design school “Spirit” T-shirt (short or long-sleeved) designed by and sold by each individual school, in lieu of a polo shirt. The optional T-shirt shall only be allowed one day a week designated by the school principal.

Face Coverings
If face coverings are necessary due to illness or preference, students may wear face coverings of any color with or without a school logo, or the student's name/initials. They must be made of solid material, not mesh.

Outer Garments
Students may wear heavy coats or jackets of any color or style outdoors and on school buses; however, said coats/jackets may not have inappropriate insignia, logos, or language. Dusters or trench coats are not allowed. Heavy coats/jackets must be removed upon entering a school building.

Light jackets or sweatshirts without a hood, shall be navy, white or school approved color and may be allowed for indoor wear but must have a regulation uniform shirt must be worn under all outerwear.

Students shall be allowed to wear school-sponsored organization jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters, i.e. FFA, BETA, athletic, etc.

All shoes shall consist of a closed back and front.

No sandals, wedged soles, platforms, high heels, “crocs,” slippers, shower shoes, flip flops, moccasins or knee-high shoes shall be allowed.

Optional to wear khaki or navy color twill ONLY. Jumpers with skirts or shorts must follow the policy below. 

Skirts may be worn PreK-12 in khaki or navy color twill ONLY. The length of jumpers and skirts in PreK - 12 shall be knee-length or below.

Shorts/skorts may be worn according to School Board policy. Students in grades PreK-12 may wear loose-fitting walking shorts if the bottom of the garment is knee-length. Khaki or navy color twill ONLY.

Designs, emblems, insignias, monograms, logos, holes, studs, etc. that are offensive (principal’s decision) will not be allowed. Belts must be the appropriate length for the student’s waist size. Belt buckles must be plain, standard style. Metal spikes or studs are not allowed.

Elementary students shall be encouraged to wear belts.

Belts shall be mandatory for middle school, junior high school and high school students when wearing slacks or shorts with belt loops.

A school issued student ID badge is required to be worn by 5th-12th grades and must be visible.


The Superintendent and/or his/her designee shall consider for approval all deviations to the uniform policy for special occasions/events upon written request from the school principal.

1. Positive Behavior Support
    A. Once per nine weeks to reward students for good behavior, perfect attendance, etc.
    B. Students may wear uniform pants and school approved spirit shirt on Fridays, if approved by the principal.

2. Charity Events
    A. Twice per year.
    B. The Superintendent will establish a consistent fee to use throughout the School System.
    C. Students may wear jeans with uniform shirt.
    D. Staff members may wear jeans.

3. Homecoming/Red Ribbon week must be approved by the Superintendent and/or designee.


Violations of the Dress Code shall be addressed in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct Handbook.

A student enrolled in grades prekindergarten through five shall not be suspended or expelled from school or suspended from riding on any school bus for a uniform violation that is not tied to willful disregard of school policies.
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Last Revised June 20, 2023


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