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Dress Code

2022-2023 Student Dress Code


Student Dress Code Changes Have Been Approved by the TPSS Board

The Student Dress Code guidelines that will be effective August 11, 2022 for the 2022-23 school year have been updated since they were sent to you earlier this month.  Please see below, paying particular attention to the words in bold print:.  

  1. Students in grades 5-12 will be required to wear a school-issued student ID badge, which must be visible at all times.

  2. Hoodies will not be allowed on school campuses or school buses. Navy, white or school-approved color light jackets or sweatshirts without a hood will be allowed for indoor wear, but a regulation uniform shirt must be worn underneath. School-sponsored organization jackets, sweatshirts and/or sweaters (FFA, BETA, athletic, etc.) will be allowed. Heavy coats and jackets of any color and/or style without logos, insignia, or inappropriate language will be allowed outdoors and on school buses, but must be removed upon entering a school building. Dusters or trench coats will not be allowed.

  3. Students may wear their choice of white, navy or school-approved color  long or short sleeved, pull over (polo) or button up (oxford) shirts/blouses. Elementary girls may wear white, button-up blouses with a Peter Pan collar. Shirt tails must be tucked inside garments. No midriff, sleeveless, or shirts/blouses with a zipper will be allowed.

  4. Solid white, navy or school-approved color tee shirts may be worn under regular uniform shirts. The sleeves of the undershirts may be long or short and may extend past the sleeve of the top shirt.

  5. School uniform pants must be khaki or navy colored twill, and may be with or without pleats, pockets, and/or belt loops. (If the pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn.) Pants must be the correct size for the student.  No sagging pants, cargo pants, safari pants, sweatpants, joggers, wind suit pants, carpenter pants, oversized pants, wide-legged pants, bell bottom pants, or jeans of any color will be allowed.

  6. Khaki or navy colored twill, loose fitting walking shorts, basic a-line or bib jumpers,  skirts, and “skorts” may be worn, but must be knee-length.

  7. If there is a medical reason why a young man cannot shave on a regular basis and follow the guidelines of the dress code policy, neatly groomed facial hair will be allowed only with a doctor’s prescription or note, which must be provided to the school. Hairstyles and mustaches shall be clean, neatly groomed and shall not distract from the learning environment nor be a safety factor for any of the school’s curricular offerings. Hair may not be dyed any color other than a naturally occurring color (no green, pink, red, blue, purple, etc.) Any hairstyle that distracts from the unique environment for a school shall be dealt with by the principal or his her designee of that school. 

  8. Students in grades PreK through 12 may only wear stud earrings. Piercings other than in the ear are not allowed. 

  9. All shoes must have a closed back and front. Sandals, wedged soles, platforms, high heels, crocs, slippers, shower shoes, flip flops, moccasins, or knee-high shoes will not be allowed.

  10. No hats, caps, or other headwear will be allowed on school campuses or school buses on regular school days, unless a medical condition or religious belief so warrants. This does not apply to necessary headgear outdoors during inclement weather. 

  11. Belts are mandatory for middle, junior high and high school students when wearing pants or shorts with belt loops; elementary students are encouraged to wear belts. Belts must be the appropriate length for the student’s waist size. Belt buckles must be plain, standard style (no metal spikes or studs). Belts with designs, emblems, insignias, monograms, logos, holes, studs, etc. that are offensive (at the discretion of the school principal) will not be allowed.