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Information Release Regarding Simulated Performance Scores 12/3/21


Pursuant to the receipt of a federal waiver for accountability in our state ESSA plan, for the 2020-2021 school year, BESE waived all of its policies related to the production of school performance scores. 2020-2021 was a year unlike any other, and results cannot be accurately compared. Also, by not producing official school performance scores, the Louisiana Department of Education and BESE are able to make good on their commitment to not utilize this data for evaluative purposes. Assessment results may not accurately reflect student learning due to higher than usual rates of non-participation in addition to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

 Simulated School Performance Scores are not official results and should not be considered comparable to other years. Simulated School Performance Scores do use actual data that are verified by school systems. They are provided for informational and planning purposes only and should be interpreted with caution while also considering the many other factors that may have influenced them. Official letter grades, School and District Performance Scores, and intervention labels will be carried over from the 2018-2019 school year.

 As most school districts across the state experienced a decline in student attainment of Mastery due to the impacts from a two-year pandemic, it negatively impacted the simulated District Performance Score (DPS) for approximately 71% of the districts across the state. In Tangipahoa Parish, our simulated state results are no different, showing a three-point drop in our overall District Performance Score (DPS). 

 The Louisiana Statewide Performance Score dropped almost two points compared to pre-pandemic results in 2019. Statewide. High-poverty schools, high minority schools and schools where virtual learning was more prevalent saw more of a decline than non-similar schools. The larger the number of students who attended most of the school year virtually, the larger the decline in scores the school would have seen.

 A three point increase or gain was noted in the simulated Strength of Diploma component of DPS for high school students across Tangipahoa Parish and a two point increase in the district’s overall simulated Cohort Graduation Rate, which means we are doing better graduating students on time. Independence, Loranger, Amite, Kentwood and Sumner High Schools all increased their overall simulated School Performance Score (SPS), along with Southeastern Lab School, Woodland Park Magnet, Greenville Park Leadership Academy, and Martha Vinyard Elementary during an unprecedented and difficult time in K-12 education. 

All of our school staff and employees battled through challenges that no other generation of educators had to endure to educate our youth. We would like to commend all our employees for their role in educating our students every day, Stilley said.  

After two years of a global pandemic, these results provide us a new baseline. Our school leaders and teachers are working very hard to improve student achievement every day. We are committed to excellence and we do not take our commitments lightly. Our summer camps, intervention times within the school day, and after school programs all work to provide students with what they need to be successful in school and in life. 

We would like to thank our families, who are our partners, in supporting their children so that they are successful in their educational endeavors.  We know that when we work together, great things will happen for our children. 

Families and community members may visit the Tangipahoa Pairsh School System website at to ask a general question and/or resolve a school-related issue, and they may subscribe to receive our digital newsletter. 

2020-2021 state, school system, and school-level simulated performance score summaries, as well as a frequently asked questions document that includes statewide data points may be found on the LDOE website 


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