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District & School Performance

PRESS RELEASE:  With the release of Wednesday’s School Performance Results, Tangipahoa Parish School Superintendent Melissa Stilley announced that 74 percent of this parish’s public schools improved their overall school performance score from 2021. Stilley said 23 of the 31 Tangipahoa Parish Schools improved in their overall School Performance Score, according to the state results released on Wednesday. The superintendent noted, “We are incredibly proud that 74% of our public schools increased their School Performance Score on the heels of a pandemic!” 

Of the 23 sites showing improvement, 7 schools grew their scores by more than 5 points with some hitting in the double digits for growth in one year. Amite Elementary School demonstrated the highest increase with 21.4 points growth in SPS from last year. Midway Elementary had 15 points growth in their School Performance Score in just one year.

 The district increased the overall Assessment Index from last year. This index indicates how students are performing on statewide assessments, with the parish’s high schools having the greatest gains of 7.2 in assessment index. Grades 3-8 reported an increase in assessment index of 2.4. In one year, the following schools moved up their Letter Grade Ranking to a “C”:

  • Amite Elementary  
  • Amite High
  • Loranger Elementary
  • Midway Elementary


The majority (20) of the district’s schools fall in the overall Letter Grade of “C”; two “B” schools (PHS & SHS); and one “A” school (SLU).  

Two of our schools, Chesbrough Elementary and Southeastern Louisiana University Lab School, are Top Gains Honorees. This designation is awarded to schools that have a progress index equivalent to an ‘A’ and have not earned any labels for student subgroups and/or discipline.

Schools with PROGRESS Letter Grades of “A” for 2022

  • Amite Elementary
  • Chesbrough Elementary
  • Independence Leadership 
  • Loranger Elementary
  • Loranger Middle
  • D.C. Reeves Elementary
  • SLU Lab
  • Tucker Elementary
  • Martha Vinyard Elementary 
  • Perrin Early Learning Center


Schools with PROGRESS Letter Grades of “B” for 2022

  • Champ Cooper Elementary
  • Greenville Park Leadership
  • Independence High Magnet
  • Loranger High
  • Midway Elementary
  • Natalbany Elementary
  • Lucille Nesom Memorial
  • Ponchatoula Jr. High
  • Ponchatoula High School
  • Roseland Elementary Montessori 
  • Spring Creek Elementary
  • Woodland Park Magnet
  • Hammond Westside Montessori
  • Hammond Eastside IB School

Stilley attributed the improvement to a number of factors dating back to several initiatives introduced in her first year as superintendent. “We continue to see improvements, thanks in large measure to the high quality Tier I instructional curriculum implemented four years ago and our dedicated teachers who go the extra mile to implement the curriculum with fidelity.  As we said at implementation, this curriculum pushes us to raise our expectations for student performance, and these scores prove that our students have made the leap and are becoming more and more successful,” Stilley said.

Stilley said the district’s emphasis on attracting and retaining high-quality teachers and school personnel is also a factor in the shift in these scores, along with the implementation of best practices that are proven to increase student achievement. 

“I say it every day. Our greatest asset in the Tangipahoa Parish School System is our people. The district’s efforts to attract and retain the very best is making a noticeable difference in the quality of our instruction, as evidenced in these test scores,” Stilley said. She said the return to in-person instruction post-pandemic has also made a positive impact. “When you consider that we suffered significant losses in instructional time last year due to COVID-19 and Hurricane Ida, these scores are not only emblematic of what our students can do - they are truly an example of our parish’s commitment to excellence each and every day.”



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