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Resolve a School-Related Problem

Questions and concerns should be asked and addressed at the school level. Please reach out to your child's school by completing our Resolve a Problem form below. The responses on the form go directly to the school principal and the principal supervisor. Please be sure your contact information is correct so you can be reached to discuss your problem. 

Formal Complaints and Grievances

Discrimination on the Basis of Race Procedure

If a school system employee, student, or family member of a student asserts a complaint of discrimination on the basis of race against TPSS, the grievance process shall be as follows: 

1.    First, the complaint will be addressed at the school level.
This includes a meeting with the principal and the complainant. If the complaint would trigger the Applicant Grievance Procedure, the complainant should be informed of that process instead.

2.    Then, addressed by the District Supervisor for that School:
If the issue is not resolved, then the district supervisor assigned to that school shall become involved and attempt to resolve the complaint.

3.    Then. addressed by Senior Leadership Team and the Chief Equity Officer (CEO):
If, after the second step, the complaint remains unresolved in the opinion of the complainant, the Senior Leadership Team, including the CEO shall meet with the complainant in an effort to resolve the issue.

4. Other Remedies Under the Law:
If the complainant feels their complaint has not been resolved after the third step, they shall have all existing legal rights and remedies that any person may have against TPSS under any other legal remedies. Those potential remedies and relief may include, but are not limited to, remedies under EEOA/Title VII, Americans with Disabilities Act, and any others. Court Order 1661 in no way extinguishes these rights; however, complainants should know that the process within 1661 does not freeze the running prescription on those rights. For example, an EEOC claim must be made within 300 days of the violation.


  • Step 1: Contact the Teacher or the Assistant Principal (email the teacher, call the school office, or complete a Resolve A Problem form for the school)
  • Step 2: Contact the Principal (email the principal or call the school office to leave a message)
  • Step 3: Contact the Principal's Supervisor 


Please call your child's school with any questions you may have regarding his or her academics, health and well being, school programs, daily routines and more. Contacting your child's teacher, or the school's office, is the first place to start when seeking answers. Please use our Resolve A Problem form to make reaching out easy.

List of Schools


Please email the supervisor of your child's school principal if your questions and concerns are not addressed at the school level.

Amber Gardner

  • Amite Elementary Magnet
  • D.C. Reeves
  • Loranger Elementary
  • Midway
  • Perrin Early Learning Center
  • Tucker Elementary
  • Woodland Park Magnet
  • Hammond Eastside Montessori School (lower)
  • Hammond Westside Magnet School (lower)


Melissa Ryan

  • Champ Cooper
  • Chesbrough
  • Independence Leadership Academy
  • Lucille Nesom
  • Natalbany Middle School
  • Roseland Montessori 
  • Spring Creek
  • O.W. Dillon


Bobby Matthews

  • Amite Westside Middle
  • Greenville Park
  • Hammond Westside Montessori (upper)
  • Hammond Eastside Magnet (upper)
  • Jewel M. Sumner Middle
  • Loranger Middle
  • Martha Vinyard


Chasity Liuzza

  • Amite High
  • Hammond High
  • Independence High
  • Jewel M. Sumner High
  • Kentwood High
  • Loranger High
  • Ponchatoula High
  • Ponchatoula Jr. High


If the issue is still not resolved after contacting the school, the principal, or the principal's supervisor, please contact:

Dr. Lisa Fussell, Assistant Superintendent ( Academics, Curriculum, Federal Programs, Technology, Human Resources, Special Education)

Ron Genco, Assistant Superintendent (Student Services, Child Nutrition, School Nurses, Athletics, Extra Curricular, Support Personnel, Payroll, Insurance, Retirement)

Jeff McKneely, Chief Financial Officer (Accounting, Sales Tax, Transportation, New Construction, Maintenance)

Andrew Jackson,  Chief Equity Officer

Strader Cieutat, Family Advocate