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Tangischools App

Tangischools App

We are excited to announce that Tangipahoa Parish School System now has a mobile App! Getting information, announcements, and important dates has never been easier. The App is available for Apple devices in the App Store and on Android devices in the Google Play store.

Search Tangipahoa Parish Schools and download the App today. Use the filter option at the top right under News and Events so that you only see the news and events for the school(s) your child attends. 

Under the More menu, tap Notifications at the top and turn on TPSS Announcements. Any announcements sent by the district through the app will be delivered to your mobile device and shown under Notifications in the App. 

The App is easy to navigate and has all of the news and events you need. Plus it has links that will take you directly to the Family Toolkit and more! Get connected today then show your friends!



Follow Your Schools

The Tangischools app has the ability to filter out calendar events and news posts, so that you only see relevant information pertaining to your schools.


  • Tap on the "NEWS" option from the menu.
  • Select FILTER at the top-right
  • toggle on the schools you would like to follow.

Follow the same instructions for the "EVENTS" option in the menu.


Subscribe to Notifcations

Subscribing to notifications will ensure that you receive important announcements which are released through the app.


  • Tap on the "More" menu
  • select NOTIFICATIONS at the top
  • select SETTINGS
  • toggle on the "TPSS Announcements" option in the menu, as well as any schools which you would like to follow