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Summer Learning Camps



Summer learning programs (SLPs) are designed to provide students with additional opportunities for learning and growing during the summer months.

There are various short- and long-term benefits of summer learning programs, especially for children in low-income families.

● Acceleration, maintenance, or extension of academic skills

● Allows students to explore activities and interests that develop the whole child

● Helps prevent summer learning loss

● Provides a safe, positive environment

● Enhances overall student well-being

● Builds student-teacher relationships

● Decreases discipline referrals

● Decreases likelihood of students repeating a grade

● Increases attendance

● Stronger academic performance (standardized test scores and GPA)

LDOE Summer Learning Program Guidance


Summer Learning Camp is off to a great start at Independence Leadership Academy. 
In STEM class, the students pretended to be engineers and designed a stand that could hold a full box of pencils.


Students at Spring Creek Elementary are having a great time at Summer Learning Camp making weak structures stronger in Stem and writing paragraphs comparing and contrasting stories.

Students at Midway Elementary design learning hands in art.

4th and 5th grade students at Chesbrough Elementary School experimented with weather erosion and land formations.


Students are enjoying the small group learning opportunities which are offered through our Summer Learning Camps. Individualized instruction gives our learners the specific attention that they need.

Who says learning can't be rewarding? Following the directions of a recipe can result in a delicious treat. Our students are participating in engaging activities which keep them hungry for more.

Sometimes our students forget how much fun they can have while learning. The Summer Learning Camp gives students a chance to have fun while also building critical thinking skills. Mr. Blount’s STEM class at KHMS worked on Electronic Snap Circuits to dig deep into learning about engineering.

Students at Woodland Park Magnet School Learn about Mindful Eating in Ms. Alicia Bennett's Circle G Educational Services Summer Program.

We eat a lot of food throughout the day, but how often do we really taste our food and think about where the food came from? Mindful eating is a great way to practice mindfulness infused with gratitude and work on your appreciation for our food. Learning how to eat mindfully can help children focus in other aspects of life, such as in the classroom and in relationships with their friends.