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Talented Theatre

Talented Theatre Teachers:

Charley Vance

Anna Pfeil

Rebecca Bradford

Elizabeth Addington



2022 - 2023 Talented Theatre

2021-2022 Talented Theatre

The Pageant

A girl with low self-esteem enters a pageant then contemplates suicide


A prank goes wrong leaving a girl to discover the power of forgiveness.

Not A Joke

A bullied girl takes revenge in a haunted house.

2018-2019 Talented Theatre

New Girl

In New Girl, a girl moves to a new school, trying to escape the guilt of her little brother's drowning death.


Blind is a comedy about a boy taking advantage of a pretend handicap. 


Artists explores seven girls who want to become artists.

2020-2021 Talented Theatre

The Stalker

The Stalker is a story about the proper way to have relationships.

Can We Talk

Can We Talk explores six girls in group therapy.

2019-2020 Talented Theatre

The Bond

The Bond examines the lies of girls in foster care.

2016-2017 Talented Theatre

Closed Door

In Closed Door, a girl copes with the death of a parent and leukemia.

No Way Dude

No Way Dude is a comedy about a science experiment gone bad, leaving a boy pregnant.

Senior Year

In Senior Year, a girl and her boyfriend's college plans change. An autistic students suffers bullying which leads to the accidental death of the boyfriend.