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Summer Learning

TPSS Summer Learning


STEM at Summer Learning


Dive into Summer Learning with TPSS!

Summer learning programs (SLPs) are designed to provide students with additional opportunities for learning and growing during the summer months.

Summer Learning isn’t just about literacy. Students will also be able to sharpen their math skills, experience STEM activities, be creative with technology, learn how to regulate their emotions with SEL classes - that’s social emotional learning - and keep active with heath and physical education classes each day. 

Every school campus that has any grades 1st-8th will provide Summer Learning to qualifying students.

TPSS Summer Learning
June 3rd - June 27th
Monday - Thursday
8 am - 3 pm



Who is invited to attend? 

Students will be invited to attend our TPSS Summer Learning Program for a few reasons: 

1. For Literacy - Students in grades 1st and 2nd who are currently reading below grade level are invited to attend the Summer Learning program. Participation is not mandatory; however, it would be quite helpful for these students to attend and have the opportunity to work on becoming more fluent in their reading and learning how to decode so they can start to read on grade level.

In grades 3rd and 4th Summer Learning is required for students reading below grade level.
For 3rd and 4th graders reading below grade level, the state does allow an option for students to receive their 30 hours of Literacy Remediation the last month of school through what is called Bridge Hours. These 30 Bridge Hours would take place outside of their regular core classes. If these 3rd and 4th graders who are reading below grade level attend all 30 Bridge hours they will not have to attend Summer Learning. 

2. For Math - 3rd and 4th graders and 5th-8th grade students who are failing either Math and /or ELA they are required to attend Summer Learning. 


An invitation will be sent home with your child if they are invited to attend, or required to attend.

Please check your child's school folders for more information.

If you believe your child should have received an invitation but did not, please contact your child's school.




Watch our Coffee Talk to hear all about our Summer Learning Program.

Special Guest: Melissa Ryan, Curriculum Supervisor

What are some benefits of attending?

TPSS students who participate in our Summer Learning Program will have the opportunity to improve in the academic areas in which they are struggling, while also engaging in fun activities within subjects they demonstrate success.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) classes give all students a way to express their feelings, while also helping students realize the importance of understanding the feelings of others. Lessons which focus on bulding compassion, respect, and understanding of our differences provide an opportunity for us all to learn from each other.



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When students spend time working on developing their skills and are able to track their progress, it builds their confidence to try new things.

Summer programs give students the time they need to build not only stronger skills but confidence in themselves.


Students at Spring Creek Elementary are having a great time at Summer Learning Camp making weak structures stronger in Stem and writing paragraphs comparing and contrasting stories.

Students at Midway Elementary design learning hands in art.

4th and 5th grade students at Chesbrough Elementary School experimented with weather erosion and land formations.


Students are enjoying the small group learning opportunities which are offered through our Summer Learning Camps. Individualized instruction gives our learners the specific attention that they need.

Who says learning can't be rewarding? Following the directions of a recipe can result in a delicious treat. Our students are participating in engaging activities which keep them hungry for more.

The learning activities planned are designed to be engaging and push our students into using critical thinking skills to solve problems. Students learn while having fun!

Students at Woodland Park Magnet School Learn about Mindful Eating in Ms. Alicia Bennett's Circle G Educational Services Summer Program.




Your child's school should be able to assist with answering questions you may have regarding the program. 

Please reach out to your child’s school and ask to speak to the Summer Learning School Site Coordinator.
Leave a message if needed and the site coordinator with get back to you.

Contact the School




Have a question about our program?
Submit your question through our form below and a representative of the program will get back with you shortly.

Ask a Question about Summer Learning


Melissa Ryan
Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
(985) 748 - 2550

Nicole Milton
Summer Learning District Liaison
(985) 277 - 5497

Bulletin 1566, revised October 2022, requires that third and fourth grade students who score below grade-level on an end-of-year literacy assessment must receive 30 hours of summer literacy interventions consisting of explicit, targeted literacy instruction based on the science of reading or they will be retained.

Guidance for Revisions to Bulletin 1566 Regarding Literacy Support Standard for Grades 3 & 4

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