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Science.  Technology.  Reading.  Engineering.  Art.  Mathematics.


Welcome to Tangipahoa Parish’s new STREAM bus.

The Tangi STREAMliner was brought to life through grant funding and donations from sponsors. It is a fully functioning STREAM Lab. 

What is STREAM?
STREAM stands for science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and math. STREAM education is a student-centered, inquiry-based interdisciplinary approach to learning. Embedding STREAM learning into a curriculum allows our students to learn vital skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and innovation, along with essential technology skill sets.

What are some examples of STREAM activities?
STREAM activities are hands-on and student led. The teacher acts as the facilitator of learning in a STREAM-centered classroom.  Students are given a task or a problem to solve. Students then work together to discuss and test various solutions to the problem.

How does the Tangi STREAMliner Bus support our students and families?
The Tangi STREAMliner offers a connection between school and our families in the community. Tangischools brings the fun and learning to you! The children in our community have the opportunity to engage in meaningful STEM (STREAM) activities with their families, in person and live in action! Facilitators are on stand-by to assist with the exploration process and guide self inquiry and discovery.

First page of the PDF file: TangiSTREAMliner_Flyeronepage

We will "SEA" you out there!

Our STREAMliner is a mobile classroom, making it possible for Tangischools to bring activities to our students and families, wherever they may be!

The calendar of events below shows scheduled days where our STREAMliner will be out and about in our schools and communities.

All PUBLIC EVENTS are labeled as so, and are available for anyone to attend.

SCHOOL EVENTS are closed events for that particular campus and its families. The bus will not be open for public access during a scheduled school event.

📅 View STREAMliner Calendar of EVENTS 

Want to Reserve the Bus for an Event?

The purpose of the Tangi STREAMliner is to bridge our schools and community together.

We will drive the bus to your event and park it for all to enjoy. TPSS Technology Facilitators will be on the bus to guide families through the activities.

Most bookings last 2-3 hours.

We look forward to partnering with you at your next event. 

🚌 SUBMIT REQUEST to reserve the bus

STREAMliner Activities

During your time exploring on the bus, you and your child may have discovered an activity which really peeks your interest!  Please use our information listed here to get you started with the possibility of purchasing materials for use at home. STEM activities make great birthday and holiday gifts. They are also wonderful additions to home daycares, child care facilities, libraries, or after school programs.


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Questions? Contact us!

Colette Taillon
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