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Tangipahoa Parish public school Pre-K teachers use rigorous, Tier I curricula in order for students to master Louisiana's Birth-Five Early Learning and Development Standards.  Frog Street is used to provide English Language Arts,  Social Studies, Social Emotional, Science, and Technology instruction.  Eureka Math Squared is the Tier I math curriculum.  Pre-K teachers also utilize Heggerty for supplemental phonemic awareness support. 


Pre-K activities focus on developing the whole child through hands-on lessons that encourage higher order thinking skills.  Students engage with teachers throughout the day in both teacher and student directed activities.  The goal is to provide high-quality instruction that promotes critical thinking and problem solving in order for children to be kindergarten ready.  

Carmen Brabham
Early Childhood Coordinator
(985) 748 - 2539

To apply for an early childhood seat, book an appointment online at or call 985-748-2454.