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Our classrooms follow two rigorous Tier 1 curricula, DiG and Eureka Math.  Our instruction is standards driven and evidence-based. This year Tangipahoa Parish’s Pre-K Department will start implementing the Eureka Math curriculum to align itself with K-12.  This math curriculum encourages students to use various mental strategies to solve problems and to focus on the process. Our classrooms also utilize Abram’s DiG curriculum to deliver a fully comprehensive instruction that develops the whole child, inspires big learning, and grows early learners into confident, kindergarten-ready students. DiG believes exposure to rich language is one of the most powerful ways that early educators can impact future learning. That's why DiG brings words to life in the Pre-K classroom in a variety of ways.  The imaginative world of the Letter People helps children grasp a wide array of literacy skills. Their stories, songs, and real-life scenarios make this curriculum a powerful resource for developing our next generation of readers, writers, and communicators. These two curricula accompanied by additional enrichment resources prepare students to be kindergarten ready.

Early Childhood Education is unique because we develop the “whole child.”  We use the Conscious Discipline curriculum which is a trauma-informed, brain-based self-regulation program rooted in neuroscience, child development research, and psychology.  Conscious Discipline provides an array of behavior management strategies and classroom structures that our teachers use to turn everyday situations into learning opportunities. The curriculum teaches students to become aware of their reactions to conflict so that they may choose a different response.

Carmen Brabham
Early Childhood Coordinator

(985) 748 - 2454