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Music in Schools


for VES & CCS Schools Only

This “camp” can serve 2 schools in the South region, particularly Champ Cooper and Martha Vinyard Schools: 1) CCS has been identified as UNDERSERVED as it has had no music program within the last decade; 2) Both CCS and MVES (incoming students from DCR) will have gone through the initial steps of recruitment. These students should be equipped with Beginning Band Instruments. NO performance at conclusion. Rather, an “informance” to share/show/tell newly acquired knowledge and connection to wind band music (Teach A Parent to Play competency activity). Create an interactive dialog with potential stakeholders (students, parents, school administration, community). Students will enter 2023-2024 with functional band skills in August.

July 24 – 27, 2023
Champ Cooper School

For students, with instruments, enrolling in school beginning band (5th -8th grades) In this camp, students will receive:
- Proper assembly, disassembly, transportation, and storage procedures and routines
-  Hand position and finger placement; Posture
 - Music Reading and Notation
- Instruments taught include Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Bells
- Music Games/ Snack

- Not sure if this workshop is for you or do you have a scheduling conflict? Email and lets chat!

“Strike Up the Band” (Champ Cooper/MVES) - for VES and CCE

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