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Jump Start Summer 2023 Programs

Jump Start Summer Program


Please apply early, seating is limited. TPSS rising Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and the Class of 2023 from any TPSS public school may apply for programs. Some programs have age and prerequisite restrictions. Applicant names will be submitted to their school for principal and teacher approval. Preference will be given to those students that have never participated in the program before and those that do not currently have a statewide basic credential. All classes will be face-to-face, Monday through Thursday, with additional online assignments required. Clinical and internship times may vary. Applications will be emailed directly to student email accounts and require parent and student digital signatures.

If possible, transportation will be provided from school to school to assist students in attending Jump Start Summer courses this year. Guardians are responsible for transporting students to their home school and picking them up from their home school when classes end or busses arrive. Guardians are responsible for picking students up from full day TPSS school programs. The number of requests for transportation and availability of drivers will determine the exact routes. Transportation requests will NOT be accepted after Wednesday, May 24. The proposed transportation routes are as follows:

  • Route 1: KHMS to SHS to AHMS to IHMS
  • Route 2: PHS to HHMS to LHS to IHMS
  • Route 3: KHMS to SHS to NTCC Hammond Campus
  • Route 4: AHMS to IHMS to NTCC Hammond Campus
  • Route 5: LHS to HHMS to NTCC-Hammond Campus
  • Route 6: PHS to NTCC-Hammond Campus
  • Route 7: IHMS to AHMS to NTCC-Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg)
  • Route 8: SHS to KHMS to NTCC-Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg)

At the discretion of the instructor, students will be dismissed for lack of effort, discipline issues, or attendance. Students will earn 1/2 or 1 Carnegie unit for successful completion of the course and meeting the required instructional minutes.

  • Students must bring their own lunch for full-day programs.
  • Student stipends will be determined based on credentials earned, attendance, and participation.
  • Students may be required to complete online assignments outside of face-to-face class hours.
  • Students in courses will complete the IRS W-9 and be issued a 1099.
  • Students in Internships will complete an IRS W-4, L-4, and have deferred compensation, with federal and state taxes withheld.
  • Students will complete temporary employment forms or vendor setup forms.
  • Extra assignments will be required online after the scheduled class time.
  • Students should allow at least 3-4 weeks after course completion to receive workshop stipend payments.
  • TPSS Internship payments will be made after July 26 because they are payroll items.

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Available Programs

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