• District Instructional Team

    The following statements will be true when RTI is successfully implemented in Tangipahoa Parish: 
    • All students will have access to scientifically-based core curriculum and differentiated instruction.
    • Schools will use valid, universal screeners to identify students who need additional support or assessment.
    • Schools will have systems in place to provide students who need additional support with increasingly intense evidence-based interventions.
    • Schools will monitor student responsiveness to interventions with valid progress monitoring tools and procedures.
    • Schools will use a systematic, data-driven process to address student needs, evaluate the efficacy of the instructional system, and allocate resources in accordance with Federal and State requirements.
    • All stakeholders will be actively involved and engaged in the implementation process.
    • All teachers will receive ongoing, job-embedded professional learning to support RTI implementation.
    The District Instructional Team is responsible for ensuring consistent and effective implementation of instruction across all of its schools in the areas of literacy, numeracy, and behavior.  The team is responsible for developing district level RTI guidance, ensuring fidelity of the scale-up and model implementation, providing appropriate professional learning opportunities, and completing the district RTI plan.
    • We can effectively teach all children.
    • We should monitor student progress to inform instruction.
    • We should prepare teachers to meet the needs of students.
    • We should provide resources that facilitate meeting the needs of each child.
    • We must prepare students for post-secondary and the work force.
    Chief Academic Officer, Curriculum Director, Federal Programs Director, Technology Director, Special Education Director, Curriculum Specialists, Human Resource,  Program Specialists, Pupil Services Director, and Sfaff Development Supervisor.
    Communication Strategy
    The team will use email, meeting agendas, and meeting minutes to communicate with team members.  The team will use email and the RTI and District Leadership Team home page to provide information to all stakeholders.