TangiTech Elementary Day 3
    fleur de lis   Electronic Chalkboard will be shared daily using Nearpod  nearpod
    Morning Routines and Procedures:
    LA Bullet Daily Journal writing and posting on Blackboard for Day 3 
    Check your
    LA Check email for sites to explore.
    LA Bullet
    Completion of Graphs and gathering data -  http://www.plickers.com/ Participants will use Plickers for their graphs today.

    LA Bullet
    Skill of the Day (Complete as a whole group activity) - Word 2013 - Page and Picture borders

    Day Three Journal:
    strawberry bullet Day Three Journal Writing Prompt:
    Read the article, “How to Apply Ed Tech Teaching for Common Core Standards”. What points were made that you feel are important to you and your students in your classroom? 

    strawberry bullet
    Journal Writing in MICROSOFT WORD. “Thoughts from Louisiana”. Click Journal Template button (Word) at the top left.  Save your journal as name.Day 3 Journal.  You will post your journal in the Blackboard Discussion Board for Day 3.
    idea Digital Songbook - "What A Wonderful World"
    What a Wonderful World Music Book (ppt) is an example of what we call a "Music Book"... Take a favorite song, and give each child a line of the lyrics to illustrate. Students then scan their drawings and import into a PowerPoint presentation and set to music. The slides of artwork "flip" as the song plays and the students sing.
    E-Mail Assignment:
    alli   Check your Tangischools email account on the Internet and Reply to the E-mail Assignment Day 3. Save E-mail as a Draft, teachers will explore calendar features including adding events and setting reminders.  We will also discuss creating a Distribution List in your contacts.
    Graphs for Day Three:
    magnolia  Favorite Festivals
    magnolia  Favorite Mardi Gras Throw
    magnolia  Favorite Louisiana Artist
    magnolia  How Many Parades?
    PowerPoint for all Times
    tree   PowerPoint can be used for many things in their classroom and can easily be integrated into all subject areas. Looping PowerPoint presentations are great techniques for visual posting in the classroom.
    tree   Louisiana Jeopardy Game (ppt) is a perfect review at the end of your unit on Louisiana. Here are some more Jeopardy games for(ppt) is a perfect review at the end of your unit on Louisiana. Here are some more Jeopardy games for you to use with your students:
    gator  Blank Jeopardy Template - fill in your own questions and answers.
    alli  Baton Rouge Jeopardy game
    alli  Jeopardy Template (28 questions & answers)
    alli  Jeopardy Quiz Time Template (15 questions & answers)
    alli  Jeopardy Quiz Time Template (25 questions & answers)
    tree   Petit Rouge Riding Hood by Mike Artell is one of my favorite Louisiana stories. Use PowerPoint to "read the book" to the class.

    tree  It's About Time - move the hands on the PowerPoint slide to demonstrate telling time.
    tree  Louisiana Show - photographic scenes from the Bayou State.
    tree  Louisiana Drag and Drop
    Create a Looping PowerPoint & LA PowerPoint
    fish  A looping PowerPoint can be used over and over with spelling words, vocabulary words, math facts, etc.
    A Photo Album can also be set as a looping PowerPoint.
    Steps for creating a Photo Album in PowerPoint (Word)
    Steps for creating a Photo Album in PowerPoint (pdf)

    fish  The Louisiana PowerPoint is the type that you would use in a teacher directed whole group lesson. This Louisiana PowerPoint should have the following components:
     - Five slides with facts or information about Louisiana
     - Use the PowerPoint skills you've learned earlier in TangiTech Elementary
     - Slides should have transitions
     - At least one Word Art
     - At least one graphic per slide from TangiTech CD or MS clipart
    - We will explore how to add hyperlinks and audio to your slides
    crab bullet Fact Flippers and MiniBooks in PPT to go with your theme.
    Louisiana Symbols LA Mini Note Booklet (PowerPoint)


    fleur bullet Scavenger Hunt - Use Microsoft Word to create an Internet scavenger hunt on the theme of your choice.  You can preview and learn more about Internet scavenger hunts by visiting Vicki Blackwell's site and previewing other Internet Scavenger Hunts that teachers have created. 

     Symbaloo EDU    Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple and fun to organize the best of the web. You have all your favorite websites at your fingertips. With an account you can access your bookmarks from everywhere with any device and share your online resources with others.

    SB icon Smart Notebook Skill 

     Students will create a Louisiana Map with "hotspots"  using the "Hotspots" interactive Smart Notebook template. Here is a Hotspots activity (notebook) on major Louisiana cities.
     RWT Trading Card
    Read Write Think - President Trading Card iPad Project. Complete the Trading Card using the iPad app and post your trading card in Blackboard. 
    computer  Blackboard
    Discuss in Blackboard upcoming weekly assignments (2 week Blackboard follow-up)
    Show where tutorials are located.
    • Week 1 - Trading Card Template  OR Fan Book