TangiTech Elementary Day 1
    fleur de lis  Electronic Chalkboard will be shared daily using Nearpod nearpod
    fleur de lis Read “First Thing…” assignment sheet on your table and take care of those things.
    fleur de lis Complete the “Genius Test” in your pocket folder while you are waiting to get started.
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    TangiTech Institute Info:
    pelican bullet Phones, bathroom breaks and location, parking, lunch at 11:30 – 12:30, dismissal
    pelican bullet Dress, room temperature
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     What is TangiTech Institute?
     crab bullet  Project overview and requirements for participation
     crab bullet Explain materials
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    Daily components:
    iris bullet Checklist for completed work
    iris bullet Technology-Connected Lesson Plans
    iris bullet Supplies
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     Routines and Procedures:
     La bullet Daily Journal writing and Blackboard posting 
    La bullet E-mail assignments
    La bullet React to professional readings by e-mail.
    La bullet Skill of the Day 
    La bullet iPad Activity
    La bullet Smartboard Activity
    La bullet Completion of Graphs and gathering data from graphs after lunch.

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    Graphs for Day One:
     magnolia bullet How many vowels are in your name?
    magnolia bullet How  many letters are in your name?
    magnolia bullet How do you like your crawfish?
    Go SoapBox   Participants will use the online resource, Go Soapbox to complete the graphs. 
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    computer bullet  Access Tangischools E-mail accounts using INTERNET EXPLORER or GOOGLE CHROME at www.tangischools.org.
    Learn URL and parts of an E-mail address. Today you will create a signature for your email and set spell check options.
     Use this E-mail address during TangiTech... 
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    Techie Time:
    computer bullet 11 Handy Tips for Windows 7
    Create a Folder in My Documents for you to save work into. Open My Documents > Right click inside of My Documents > New > Folder and type your name
    computer bullet Introduce MICROSOFT WORD 2013 concepts: Entering text; don’t press “Enter” unless you want a new line; one space between words and sentences; editing by clicking in text to insert and pressing backspace or delete to erase; spelling and grammar checking; selecting and formatting text.

    computer bullet Skill of the Day - Formatting Bullets
    Steps for Formattting Bullets in Microsoft Word 2013
    Formatting Bullets(word)
    One of the most common questions we get is.."How do you make those cute computer bullets that are on our lesson plan template?" Formatting Bullets. (pdf)

    computer bullet  Microsoft Word 2013 Quick Start Guide
     computer bullet Complete journal assignment for Day 1. Save your journal entry as “Name.Day 1 Journal” to your folder in My Documents.
    Day One Journal Writing Prompts:
    - “What are my reasons for being here?”
    - “What do I hope to gain from this experience?”
    - “How do I envision my classroom changing with the use of technology?”
    Journal Writing in MICROSOFT WORD. “Thoughts from Louisiana”. Click Journal Template(word) button at the top left.
    computer bullet Blackboard Basic Tips - You will attach your journal in the Discussion Board section for Day 1 Journal forum.
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    Management Strategies

    iris bullet Discuss different management techniques for addressing different needs and classroom situations
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    computer bullet
                Tech Tip - How to Choose A Strong Password

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     Name Plate 
    fish button We continue our discovery of Louisiana, its geography, traditions, inhabitants, and resources. We begin with the consideration of naming traditions, especially names in Louisiana. Discuss these.
    fish button Read the story online at: www.lpb.org/programs/swappingstories/langley_koasati.html published by University Press of Mississippi.
    fish button Read: Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes (Internet) and discuss theInvestigating My Name Interview sheet (pdf) that accompanies this book.
    computer bullet Techie Time – Create nameplates in MICROSOFT POWERPOINT using theName Plate Template (ppt) on the TangiTech CD. Demonstrate procedures.  Students create nameplates and print two copies, one for the top of their computer monitor.
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    Discover Louisiana Unit Introduction:
    Today we begin a unit of discovery, “Discover Louisiana” and discovery about technology, curriculum,
    and the integration of the two. As this journey of discovery begins we invite you to think about….
    Technology Connected Lesson Plan - What Can We Discover About LA? (Word)

    Red LA bullet What is a QR Code and how do I create one?
    Check out the great ways that QR codes are being used in the classroom.
    Red LA bullet Gather as many Louisiana facts as you can about Louisiana by completing a QR Code Scavenger Hunt.  We are starting a unit of discovery about our state. Let’s build our knowledge base by gathering more information.
    Red LA bullet Use
    "Fact Gathering Sheet"  (Word) to record information and facts from QR Code Scavenger Hunt.
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    turtle  Discovery Ed  Watch the Discovery Education video,  “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Discuss moral and cultural traditions revealed in this video.  
    computer   Techie Time – make a Venn Diagram in using the PowerPoint template on your TangiTech CD comparing the two versions of the fable.
    sb icon
    This can also be created using Smart Notebook software by the selecting the Venn Diagram template from the Gallery
    . Here is an example of the Venn Diagram Activity in Notebook.
    sb icon   Discuss using the "Random Word Chooser" tool from the Smart Notebook Gallery as a Name Generator.
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     Breakout EDU Breakout EDU  - Breakout EDU creates ultra-engaging learning games for people of all ages. Games (Breakouts) teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve.
    Down in Louisiana Breakout Session - teachers will experience a Breakout EDU lesson by solving clues and puzzles about Louisiana symbols, cultures, and landmarks to break the missing Louisiana symbol out of the box.
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    Lagniappe Activities and Information:
    Name Poem Activity
    alligator bullet Use Digital Cameras to take pictures of each other to insert into Name Poems.
    alligator bullet Create name poems using MICROSOFT POWERPOINT and Word Art for Large Letters. Step-by-step direcitons for Name Poems (word)
    alligator bullet Introduce "A My Name is Alice" TCLP… book, and children’s project. (Word)
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    Just in case that Genius Test is driving you crazy..Genius Test Answers. (word)