• Martha Vinyard is located in Southern Tangipahoa Parish on Dunson Road. Martha Vinyard first opened in 1966 as an elementary school. Our campus is made up of 748 5th and 6th grade students and 56 educators.  Our school is named after Martha Vinyard, a woman who spent her life educating children in Ponchatoula. She was one of the pioneer school teachers in the Ponchatoula Community, teaching in the Spencer Tucker home. Her dedication to education in the nineteenth century is carried forward today by the faculty and staff of Vinyard who are preparing our students for the challenges of the twenty-first century.  

    Our current SPS (School Performance Score) is 91.8. We are working hard to provide our students with challenging lessons that will give them the knowledge to raise our SPS score to over 100. I am confident that with the help of our teachers, parents, and community we can reach our goal of being an A school. 

    Here at Martha Vinyard we have very high expectations for our students and teachers. Our teachers are highly qualified and provide challenging hands-on lessons to our students. Our students work hard every day to develop their critical thinking skills. 

    Our staff at Martha Vinyard strives to provide our students with a safe learning environment where we not only develop our students thinking skills, but we help to prepare them for the challenges and successes of junior high school.
    School begins at 8:25 and dismisses at 3:25. Our carpool line begins on Hwy 22. Our students load and unload from the buses in front of the main office.