• Dr. Theriot

    Dr. Theriot is beginning her thirteenth year as principal. and she has been a resident of Loranger since she first began her teaching career.  She has worked in the field of education for over 43 years and remains committed to helping her students, faculty, and staff reach their potential.
    Email: billie.theriot@tangischools.org

    Telephone: 985-878-6271

    Office Location: Main Building, Main Office

    Bachelor’s of Arts in English Education
    Southeastern Louisiana University
    Master’s in Administration and Supervision
    Southeastern Louisiana University
    Master’s in English—University of Oklahoma
    Ph.D. in English—Louisiana State University

    Southeastern Louisiana University
    Teacher of high school English, 19 years
    Loranger High School
    Teacher of college English, 17 years12 years
    Loranger High School


    Dear Students, Faculty, and school Community,

    Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year.

    We face a new year of new challenges, but I like to think of it as another opportunity for even greater accomplishments. Working with you has been the most profound experience of my professional career, but my hopes and dreams for you make me excited to be a part of our combined efforts to help you students accomplish your goals and make our school the best it can be. At the same time, we will be supporting our community in very positive ways as it rapidly develops from rural to urban.

    Will you please accept my challenge to you to combine your best efforts with mine. Let's create an environment wherein you students work and play in the happiest, most productive ways possible. Let's all raise our standards ever higher so that we on the staff continually seek ways to help you, the INDIVIDUAL student, achieve at your very highest potential; our teaching staff continue to learn and grow to meet your needs in the very best ways possible; and our community and school create a working relationship that is productive, creative, understanding, and appropriately progressive.

    I look forward to another great year.