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    Team A - Gator Teachers:

    Algebra I ~ Kim Russell Kea (kimberly.russell@tangischools.org)

    English I and English II ~ Molly Bel (molly.bel@tangischools.org)

    Environmental Science  ~ Dawn Edwards (dawn.edwards@tangischools.org)

    American History ~ Brandi Johnston (brandi.johnston@tangischools.org)

    Class Fees:  Students must pay each individual teacher cash or individual checks made payable to PHS with the student’s name and phone number on each check as follows:

        Homeroom fee     $10.00        Social Studies Fee                $5.00

        Math fee               $5.00          Environmental Science Fee  $10.00

        English fee            $10.00        Physical Science                 $10.00


    Below are the REMIND Codes for your Team A teachers. Students and guardians can sign up to receive messages. Be sure to fill out the REMIND Consent Form if you have not already.

    REMIND Codes – Text to 81010

    Ms. Kea

    Algebra I


    Ms. Bel

    English I                      English II

    @ponchyeng1            @ponchyeng2

    Ms. Johnston

    American History


    Ms. Edwards

    Environmental Science    Biology

    @envedwards                 @bioedwards