• 2019 Ponchatoula Lady Wave Volleyball Team


    Ernst, Camryn                    12th                                                                       

    Ernst, Chloe                        12th                                                                       

    Falk, Alexandra                 12th                                                                                                            

    Ford, Madissen                 12th                                                                                                            

    Kugler, Mia                         12th                                                                       

    Stricker, Emily                    12th                                                                        

    Woodruff, Elizabeth        12th                                                                       

    Woodruff, Madison        12th                                                                       

    Bankston, Hannah           11th                                                                                                            

    Brown, Evy                          11th                                                                         

    Burk, Kylie                           11th                                                                       

    McGee, Sydnie                 11th                                                                                                            

    Owens, Amya                    11th                                                                                                            

    Thompson, Hannah         11th                                                                                                            

    Babin, Jayda                       10th

    Crittenden, Lily                  10th

    Dombrowski, Miah          10th

    Lee, Zoe                               10th

    McGehee, Alexus            10th

    Walls, Presley                    10th

    Akin, Austin                        9th

    Bertucci, Juliana                9th

    Burks, Audry                      9th

    Chavarria, Brianna           9th

    Cofield, Sharon                 9th

    Costello, Ryleigh               9th

    Hamilton, Camille             9th

    Hebert, Faith                      9th

    Hicks, Kelsey                      9th

    Hogge, Gabbi                     9th

    Levatino, Hanna                9th

    Notto, Jenna                      9th

    Perricone, Julianna          9th

    Scott, Dajaeneil                9th



    Emily Wilson  12th        

    Dantavious McGee

    Joseph DePaula

    Helena Cieutat           

    Rebekah Peltier         

    Kaylee Bennett           

    Jordan Dwyer



    Something to think about:

    “ My potential is great - I compete with the confidence of the champion… point after point…. game after game. “ ~ Unknown