Employee Dress Code Policy

  • It shall be the policy of the Tangipahoa Parish School Board to require its employees to dress so that no mode of attire may be considered proper if it distracts from or is disruptive of the positive learning environment of the school.  Administrators, supervisory staff, and faculty members shall dress as professionals in businesslike attire.  The administrator or designee shall determine what may be considered proper or improper dress, basing himself/herself on the norms of the community and the professional requirements to inculcate societal values to the students, especially the values needed to maintain the school's positive learning environment.


    All personnel shall dress in a manner commensurate with the designated responsibilities of the position and/or job area.

    1. Shorts shall not be worn.  Coaches and physical education personnel may only wear loose fitting shorts of the appropriate length during their physical education hours.  When coaches leave the physical education area, "warm-ups" must be worn.
    2. No jogging suits or sweat suits shall be worn, except for coaches and physical education personnel.  (Refer to Number One)
    3. Leggings and bike shorts shall not be worn.
    4. No jeans of any color shall be worn.
    5. No sleeveless garments shall be worn.
    6. No see-through or mesh garments shall be worn.
    7. Pants must be no shorter than slightly above the ankle.
    8. Dresses and skirts must be knee length or below. 

     Violations of the employee dress code shall be addressed as follows:

    1st Offense: The employee shall be counseled by the administrator. A copy of the report shall be put in the individual school's personnel file.

    2nd Offense: The employee shall be referred to the Superintendent. A written report of the outcome of the referral shall be put in the individual's personnel file, with a copy of the first offense attached.

    3rd Offense: The employee shall be referred to the Grievance Committee of the Board along with the support documentation referred to above. (Written referrals of the 1st and 2nd offenses).

    Revised:  December, 1999

    Revised:  October, 2002

    Revised:  November, 2004


    Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81

    Board minutes 8-5-86, 9-6-88, 7-9-91, 6-16-92, 8-4-92, 4-18-95, 8-6-02, 8-3-04


    Tangipahoa Parish School Board