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    Videoconference (VC) connections between classes open up a whole new world of collaborative learning for students! These 21st century communication collaborations bring the world to your classroom.

    Clap Board
     International Dot Day!
    A VC Collaboration between OW Dillon and Tucker Elementary - Richelle Votaw & Kristy Rocquin 
    A group of 2nd grade students at Tucker Elementary School collaborated with a 3rd grade class at OW Dillon to celebrate International Dot Day!  The students shared activities with each other and discussed ways in which they can "make their mark" in the world.
     Dot Day 2014
     "The Dot," by Peter H. Reynolds, is a story about a little girl who is first discouraged by her inability to draw.  Through the guidance and motivation of a positive teacher, the child learns to explore her artistic abilities and make her mark in her own special way. The character in the story discovers how to share her talents with others, and even grows to become an inspiration to fellow classmates.
    Jayla  Destini  Markia  Terrell  
    Students used the computer program Microsoft Paint to illustrate dot designs of their own.  The students printed the art and shared their pieces with the connecting class. 
     Dot Day
     Students also shared activities that they were completing on the iPad.  With many dot-related apps, including memory games, math activities, strategy builders, and art.... the students had many great "apptivities" to discuss.
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    Celebrate Dot Day!  
     The Dot Club - click HERE for more information.
     Watch a retelling of the story:  YouTube video of The Dot
     From Kentwood to Alaska
     O.W. Dillon Elementary Principal Hugh Wallace and a group of 6th graders spent some time on Monday, September 15th video conferencing with some high school students in Alaska.  The students had been studying the Civil Rights movement and wanted to ask questions about some of the events.  As someone who lived in Birmingham during the church bombing (the 51st anniversary of which was September 15th) and personally knew Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mr. Wallace was an excellent source of information for the students.

     OWD  Alaska
     Mr. Wallace  OWD
     Halloween, Halloween What do you See?
     Brown Bear VC Collaboration - (notebook file) for K-2 - Dina Spears

    AEM    AES

    Kathy Schilling's Kindergarten class from Amite Elementary School and Kristin Ruiz's Kindergarteners from Midway Elementary School connected to read the story Halloween, Halloween, What Do I See? The students took turns reading pages back and forth to each other while using puppets. At the end, the students put the story characters in order on the SMART Board.

        The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Scared of Anything
    Video Conference Collaboration - Kathy Prine
     Lesson Plan (doc)
     Little Old Lady ... Digital Story (ppt)
     Little Old Lady Song (ppt)
     Mini Book (pdf)
     Scarecrow Template (ppt)
     Sound Cards (ppt)
     The Little Old Lady... (mp3)
    Hunter Ragan, a student at D.C. Reeves, shows his scarecrow that he created  as a culminating activity following a video conference that was held between Lisa O’Donnell’s 3rd graders and Macy Forrest’s 3rd grade class at O.W. Dillon in Kentwood. The two classes shared their scarecrows and descriptive paragraphs with each other via video conferencing equipment. Students also created a Voice Thread on the Internet. Click the link below to view the Voice Thread created by third graders from Lisa O’Donnell, Akira Carter-Cowart and Sarah Garcia’s classes from D.C. Reeves in Ponchatoula. http://voicethread.com/share/1419149/ 
    Voice Thread is a new technology that allows students to upload picture files, movie files, and more to the Voice Thread program. Once the files are uploaded, students are able to record their own commentary by plain audio, webcam, or text. These kinds of  technology projects supplement a wide variety of skills, lessons plans and comprehensive curriculum standards and GLEs. Dorothy Sledge, Curriculum Coach, and Kathy Prine, Instructional Technology Facilitator coordinated these activities for the third graders.

    A Plump and Perky Turkey 
    Video Conference Collaboration Project - Kathy Prine and Dina Spears
     The Best Thanksgiving Ever
    Video Collaboration Project
    Alycia Berry and Darilyn Martin, Seniors at Kentwood High School, are working on their Senior Project for English IV.  As a part of their project they taught Mrs. Monica Sullivan's first grade library class at Hammond Westside Primary how to make a Thanksgiving card complete with hand turkey and a greeting.  The seniors read the book, The Best Thanksgiving Ever by Teddy Slater, and then they modeled how to make an outline of a hand into a turkey.  All of the students enjoyed the project and are hoping to do more connections between the classes this year. 
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