Registration and Admission

  • PRE-SCHOOL ROUND-UP:  Pre-school round up will be held prior to the new school year for children registering for pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. No child shall be registered at pre-school round up without the following documents: birth certificate, certified copy of immunization record (State of Louisiana Universal Certificate of Immunization preferred), Social Security card if available, and verification of residence.

    FIRST GRADE:  As a prerequisite to enrolling in the first grade, parents/guardians must present to school officials evidence of the child having attended at least a full-day public or private kindergarten for a full school year or evidence of the child satisfactorily passing academic readiness screening administered by the School System prior to the time of enrollment. Also, parents or guardians must present to school officials satisfactory evidence that at least one of the child’s parents or guardians has completed a parent orientation course conducted by a parish or city school board; however, no child will be denied entry into school because a parent or guardian has not attended an orientation session.

    HOMELESS STUDENTS or UNACCOMPANIED YOUTH: Homeless and unaccompanied youth will be enrolled according to McKinney-Vento requirements and will be referred to Robin Davis, Tangipahoa Parish School System Homeless Liaison, in order to identify services needed. Because homeless status can be claimed to avoid enrollment at a school otherwise zoned for the student’s domicile, the parent or custodial relative (or other person with custody of the student claiming homeless status) shall execute and submit a sworn affidavit on a form provided by the School System attesting to the student’s homeless status within 15 days of enrollment. An affidavit shall also be executed and submitted on a form provided by the School System by the person or facility providing shelter for the homeless student. Affidavit forms will be provided by the principal or the principal’s designee to the student claiming homeless status upon enrollment of the student. Executed affidavits may be submitted to the principal of the school or to Lionel Jackson at the School System Central Office, 59656 Puleston Road, Amite 70422.

    SCHOOL EMPLOYEES’ CHILDREN: Regardless of domicile within or without the school district, children of school administrators, teachers and other faculty members, non-instructional support personnel and other personnel assigned to a particular school shall be permitted to attend the school to which their parent is assigned and schools within said school’s feeder pattern. Transportation shall be provided by the school employee or the student at no cost to the school district. 


    All children (including kindergarteners) who wish to enroll in Tangipahoa Parish public schools are required to meet pertinent eligibility requirements. No student will be excluded from the appropriate school within the school district except by due process or failure to meet specifications of Board policies. The School Board recognizes that providing equality of educational opportunities for all children requires objectivity. The Board is equally concerned that all admission policies adhere strictly to applicable legal requirements, e.g. health-related standards. The following documentation is required for admission to a Tangipahoa Parish public school:


    1. BIRTH CERTIFICATE (required for first time entry into school and for all transfers): All children must present their official birth certificate to the school principal in order to be registered for school. A copy of the certificate will be placed in the student’s cumulative folder as a permanent record. Only records from an official register of vital statistics will be accepted. If no birth certificate is presented at the time of registration, an application for an official birth certificate will be available to parents in the school office. Parents or guardians must pay the required fee and the school must mail the application to the Bureau of Vital Statistics for the parent. A copy of the application must be placed in the student’s cumulative folder until a copy of the official birth certificate replaces the application copy. A copy of the birth certificate will remain in the student’s cumulative folder throughout the student’s school life. If no birth certificate is presented or the parent does not complete an application for the birth certificate, the student will not be registered for school and the principal will notify the TPSS Pupil Services Department.

    2. LOUISIANA IMMUNIZATION RECORD (must be up-to-date and required for first time entry into school and for all transfers): All persons entering school (pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, or secondary) for the first time, at the time of registration or entry, must present satisfactory evidence of immunity to or immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases according to a schedule approved by the Office of Public Health, Department of Health and Hospitals, or must present evidence of an immunization program in progress. A current immunization record documented on a State of Louisiana Universal Certificate of Immunization is the preferred record of documentation.  School principals and all teachers (including kindergarten) will be responsible for checking students’ records to assure that the provisions of this section are enforced.

    3. PROOF OF LEGAL DOMICILE RESIDENCE: Upon registering for school, students must present to school officials evidence of being residents of Tangipahoa Parish (with limited exception). However, children temporarily residing within the jurisdiction of the Board who have no permanent address or who have been abandoned by their parents will be admitted to school, except as may be allowed by statute. Parents/legal guardians must give proof of legal domiciled residence, i.e. an Entergy meter or other electric meter deposit receipt with the actual name of the parents and the location of the residence. The domicile residence should coincide with the parent or legal guardian’s 911 address. Consideration may be given where a single parent may be residing with a relative. Each student shall provide the school his 911 address at the beginning of each school year. This information should be requested on the standard registration form. On-site visitation of legal domicile residence to verify that parents or legal guardians reside at the designated address may be completed where deemed necessary. School principals are responsible for verifying the physical residence of each student who registers at the school. The principal will develop a plan where each child’s physical address will be recorded in the official records. If the principal suspects a student may be attending a school out of his or her attendance zone without proper permission, he or she will make every effort to determine if the child resides in the district. Based on this information, the principal will make a decision regarding the appropriate attendance zone, if possible. The principal will make every effort to handle the matter at the local level.



    The Office of Student Registration

    1745 S. W. Railroad Avenue in Hammond 


Last Modified on July 21, 2020