• Dear Parent/Guardian,

     We are excited to announce that RKM has a returning school-based behavioral health provider to work with students, parents and families this year.  This program is made possible through a working relationship between the school board and RKM Primary Care, a federally qualified health center.  Research shows that students with counseling can improve behaviors at home and at school, increase academic performance and increase overall well-being. 

     We are offering in-person counseling services for students who have returned to school for the traditional learning tract.  We are also offering telehealth counseling services for students who are enrolled in the virtual learning tact.

     The counseling services include, but are not limited to, the following:

     Anger management (acting out, disrespectfulness, aggression, etc.)

    • ADD/ADHD (trouble focusing, fidgety behavior at home/school, hyperactivity)
    • Grief/Bereavement (loss of a loved one, separation from loved one)
    • Adjustment/Transitions (divorce, new school, adapting to a virtual learning program, step-family issues, loss, move)
    • Poor school performance (low grades, motivation to learn, organization, planning)
    • Self-Esteem/Motivation (friends, decisions, grades, confidence-building)
    • Bullying (how to deal with bullying, steps to help cope with it, resolving conflict)
    • Classroom Behavior (tantrums, fighting, throwing objects, disrespect, attendance, focus)
    • Excessive Worry (worry about school, home, friendships, pandemic, etc.)
    • Depression (sad, thoughts of hurting self or others, irritability, grief, change)
    • Anxiety (nervousness, fear, difficulty sleeping, uncertainty about the future)

    With parental consent, your child will be interviewed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Professional Counselor to identify and assess any behavioral, emotional, or social needs.  Your electronic permission and consent will also allow RKM Primary Care to bill Medicaid and/or your private health insurance company.  No child will be turned away due to the inability to pay for services.  These services are on a voluntary basis and your child/children are not required to participate.  All information and treatment is confidential.

     If you are interested in services for your child, please click on the following link to register your child for services: