•  Curbside

    TPSS Student Curbside Grab and Go Meals for Virtual Students

    Curbside pickup time will only be available from 10:30 am until 11:30 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week.

    Pickup Locations:
    Sumner High, Independence High Magnet, and Hammond High Magnet
    Starting December 7, 2020, Curbside meals will be served the same meals as students on campus on the date of pickup. 

    Curbside Meal Pick-Up Form will be completed on arrival at the site before meals are retrieved. This information is mandated by federal and state guidelines to allow consent of meals to be picked up for only enrolled TPSS students. Per the guidelines, we are prohibited from serving meals to a non-enrolled TPSS student.


  • Black and Gold Contest

    Tangipahoa Parish Child Nutrition Department was chosen by Dairy MAX to participate in the Saints #FuelGreatness Black and Golden Ticket Contest. This contest is to help increase curbside meal participation from our virtual students. The actual contest will run during National Nutrition Month, March 1-31, 2021. 
    TPSS Child Nutrition Department will have 11 Saints prizes to give away during the month of March. Winning tickets will be distributed randomly throughout the month. Virtual students can increase their chance of winning by picking up meals every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at your local curbside meal locations. 
    Contest is open only to TPSS virtual students only. Winners must redeem the winning ticket at the same Grab & Go Meal location by March 31, 2021. Tickets cannot be reproduced, sold, or transferred. Winners are encouraged to take a photo with their merchandise and post to social media. Be sure to tag TPSS & @DairyMAX and use #dairyamazing.