Louisiana School Finder

  • LA School Finder

    The Louisiana Department of Education is committed to helping families find the right school or early childhood center for their children, and providing them with helpful information about Louisiana’s schools.

    The Louisiana School Finder is an interactive, online tool that provides families with:

    • school performance scores and early childhood performance ratings to show how well schools and centers are preparing students for the next grade-level;
    • basic information about schools and centers such as their address, website, hours of operation, and principal or director’s name; 
    • listings of course offerings, clubs, enrichment and extracurricular activities.

    To view school report cards and find out information about schools and early childhood centers in your area, visit www.louisianaschools.com, and type in a school or center’s name, or your zip code.

    Here is an informational flyer explaining Louisiana's accountability system.

    Here is an information video explaining K-12 school performance scores.