October 2019

  • DCR Fire Prevention Week

    Thank a Firefighter! It's National Fire Prevention Week!

    The fourth grade students of Ms. Brandi Bastian's class at DC Reeves Elementary took a walking field trip to their local fire department. The students learned about important ways to prevent fires, as well as how to stay safe if a fire should occur. Students took turns walking through a simulated house fire to practice crawling and exiting through an open window. The firemen showed off their fire fighitng gear, even letting the students take turns spraying water from the giant hose!

    Remember to practice fire safety with your children at home and always have an escape plan!


    RMorgan Retirement

    In Tangi, We are Thankful!

    We would like to start off the month of November by recognizing and honoring the positive work of those who have helped to shape our Tangi school system. 

    Four TPSS superintendents gathered in honor of Robert Morgan, who recently retired from the TPSS technology department after many years of service. Robert Morgan worked closely under each superintendent to help the school district grow in a positive direction. Pictured are Mr. Virgil Allen, current Superintendent Melissa Stilley, Mr. Robert Morgan, Mr. Louis Joseph, and Mr. Mark Kolwe. We appreciate the vision of each superintendent and Robert's committment to help see it through.




    Let's Join Together to Stop Bullying at School!

     Kindergarten students in Ms. Carlie Vaccaro's class join hands during their Unity Lesson at ILA on Wednesday, Oct. 23rd.  
    Students: Delton Sellers, Brettlee Walker, Malik Briggs, Joseph Campbell, Rhyon Robinson and Mia Walls


    United Against Bullying We Stand!

    Mrs. Massi's Kindgergarten Class celebrate Unity Day at Hammond Westside Montessori on Oct. 23, 2019.


    Child practices escaping from a school bus using back entrance.

    Stop for School Bus Safety Week!

    Students at Woodland Park Magnet School learn about bus safety by practicing procedures for evacuating in cases of emergency.
    Pictured: Mr. Reginald Elzy, Mila Yeates, and Brad Wilson


    Central Office staff shows support for Pink Out day!

    TPSS Central Office Goes Pink

    Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken, and never giving up hope. TPSS central office staff shows off their support by participating in national Pink Out Day!


    Students work along side child nutrition staff to bake cookies.

    It's National School Lunch Week!

    Kendra Reed, Director of Child Nutrition Services for TPSS, and Melissa Ryan, principal of Martha Vinyard Elementary school, help to serve lunch to students in the cafeteria. Students also had a hand in the kitchen working alongside cafeteria staff to create a fun snack to share.

    This week we celebrate our cafeteria workers and staff who help to provide meals to our children each day. TPSS recognizes the dedicated, hardworking people who make the school breakfast and lunch programs a reality in our public schools throughout the parish! It is encouraged that administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, students, and all other citizens become more aware and concerned about the nutritional habits of our children and themselves in hopes of acheiving a more healthful citizenry for the future.