September 2019

  • DCR Maker Space

    Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings

    The library at D.C. Reeves Elementary is a place for innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Under the guideance of school librarian Stacey Lawson, third and fourth grade students read poems about different modes of transportation. The students then formed groups of engineers who were charged with the task of building a new vehicle. Through Maker Spaces, the "engineers" worked together to plan their build and finally create a 3D model of their new means of transportation.


    IHS Ag Department plants a Fall garden

    Laying the Foundation for a Berry Good Season!

    The Ag II students of Independence High School prepare the grounds of thier on-site garden by laying down plastic for their future strawberry field.


    Sixth Grade Science Lesson

    The Science of the Visible Spectrum

    Students in Ms. Morgan's 6th Grade class at Champ Cooper School are digging into the new science standards by conducting an experiment to discover how light bends, creating a visible spectrum of colors.


    CPR Training

    TPSS School Nurses and TPSS Faculty:

    Working together for the safety of our students and employees


    Thank you for your service!

    The Tangipahoa Parish School Board is honoring longtime Greenville Park Leadership Academy Teacher Myrtle Cook

    Ms. Cook has served 60 years as a teacher in our schools. In her retirement, this lifelong educator will continue to teach. Cook is opening a music school and plans to teach piano to local children.

    Thank you for your service to our children, Ms. Cook!