• CIW Associate
    Certified Internet Webmaster
    This series of three courses prepares students to take the high-stakes CIW Web Foundations Associate certification. This certification is recognized throughout the industry as validating essential Internet skills for the workplace. This certification proves that an individual has evolved from being an Internet consumer to an Internet producer, capable of producing real-world Internet applications. A CIW Web Foundations Associate certificant can use common Internet-ready applications, can create properly formed HTML documents, knows database essentials, understands project management concepts, and can troubleshoot networks.
    Site Development Associate
    Site Development Associate teaches you essential Web page development skills. You will learn to develop Web sites using Hypertext Markup Language version 5 (HTML5) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You will learn to write code manually, as well as use graphical user interface (GUI) authoring tools. You will also learn to insert images, create hyperlinks, and add tables, forms, video, and audio to your Web pages.
    Lesson 1: Markup Language and Site Development Essentials 
    Lesson 2: HTML5 Coding
    Lesson 3: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Graphical Elements
    Lesson 4: Hyperlinks
    Lesson 5: HTML Tables
    Lesson 6: Web Forms
    Lesson 7: Video, Audio, and Image Techniques
    Lesson 8: Extending HTML
    Lesson 9: GUI HTML Editors and Mobile Web Sites
    Lesson 10: Web Site Development for Business 
    Internet Business Associate
    Internet Business Associate prepares students to work effectively in today's business environment. Int this course, you will learn about the tasks involved in various Information Technology (IT) job roles, and explore career opportunities in the IT industry. You will also learn about Internet connection methods, Internet protocols, the Domain Name System (DNS), cloud computing, and mobile devices. You will study the basic functions of Web browsers, the components of Web addresses and browser use in the business world. You will learn how browser plug-ins and add-ons can improve your Web-browsing experience, and you will use browsers to download and manage files.
    Lesson 1: Introduction to IT Business and Careers
    Lesson 2: Internet Communication
    Lesson 3: Introduction to Internet Technology
    Lesson 4: Web Browsing
    Lesson 5: Multimedia on the Web
    Lesson 6: Databases and Web Search Engines
    Lesson 7: Business E-Mail and Personal Information Management
    Lesson 8: Protecting Yourself Online
    Lesson 9: Internet Services and Tools for Business
    Lesson 10: IT Project and Program Management
    Network Technology Associate
    Network Technology Associate teaches essential networking technologies and skills, including TCP/IP, stable network creation, wireless networking, mobile devices, and network troubleshooting. You will learn to use various network components and protocols that enable users to share data quickly and easily. You will explore the different types of transmission media, and you will learn how network architecture and topologies provide for efficient and secure communication. In addition, you will learn about the OSI reference model and its relationship to packet creation, and you will compare and contrast the OSI model with the Internet architecture model. 
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Networking
    Lesson 2: Networking Components and Standards
    Lesson 3: Connecting to the Internet
    Lesson 4: Internet Services
    Lesson 5: Hardware and Device Connectivity
    Lesson 6: Network and Cloud Security Risks 
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