•  Your Job Search Campaign
    A WebQuest for 9th-12th Grade Business Students

    Designed by:
    Karley R. Cooper


                   Employment is a critical part of the lives of most Americans. Without the benefits of employment, individuals cannot provide for themselves. The ability to successfully locate and compete for employment is an essential skill. You must be able to persuade employers to hire you. Most employers have many job applicants to choose from, so you must know how to market your skills to obtain not just any job but the “right” job for you.

                   Creating a personal marketing plan is part of an organized job search campaign. An interview is generally granted on the basis of written information provided to a prospective employer. Your personal marketing plan includes searching for jobs, completing a self assessment, completing a job application, writing a resume, writing a cover letter, preparing for an interview, and writing a follow-up letter.
    The Task               

                   You will create a portfolio of items that make up a personal marketing plan that could be used in an organized job search campaign by completing the following activities:
      • Find 5 Classified Ads for jobs that interest you.
      • Complete a Self Assessment.
      • Complete an Interest Inventory.
      • Complete a Job Application.
      • Write a Resume.
      • Write a Cover Letter for one of the positions you found in the classified ads.
      • Prepare a list of things you should do before an interview.
      • Prepare responses to common interview questions.
      • Write a Follow-up Letter.
      • Place all items in a folder labeled Job Search Portfolio.
    The Process

    You are to find five (5) classified ads for jobs that interest you. You may use the Link Library at the end of the page to find job advertisements or you may use other sources to find advertisements.

    You may also cite a source for a school program of study with entrance requirements from the university of your choice.

    You are to complete the self assessment to help you determine what should be included in your resume. Download the self assessment to your student folder, print, and complete.


    Self Assessment



    2. You are to complete a job application obtained from a prospective employer.

                Tips for completing a job application:

        • Read the entire application before you complete it.
        • Be as neat as possible, print if your handwriting is poor.
        • Use black ink.
        • Put "N/A" not applicable if the question does not apply to you.
        • Do not leave items blank.
        • An acceptable answer for salary is Negotiable or Open.
        • Spell all words correctly.
        • Give complete addresses, including zip code.

    3. You will write a resume.
    The goal of an effective resume is to gain employer interest and to outshine the competition to obtain an interview in a very competitive job market. Your resume is a personal summary of your background, experience, and abilities. It is not a record of everything you have done, but it should highlight your significant accomplishments that should be advertised. Your resume gives the employer “a total picture” of your strengths. It is a marketing tool that can open doors and a prescreening tool used by employers to assess qualifications quickly. You may not have a second chance, so the resume is your “ticket in the door.” Prepare it with a great deal of care. Resume examples can be found in the binder in my room and in the Computer Applications and Keyboarding textbook pages 260-264.

    When you complete your resume, it must be proofread by another student in the class and someone from the business community that you respect or your parents.

    You will want to search the Internet for other tips on writing a resume.

    You will want to get permission from at least three references. References should either be included as part of the resume or as a separate sheet. Your job search portfolio must include references!

    Your resume must include at least five (5) elements. The following are possible choices, but you may pick other elements. Elements marked with an * are required.

                   Main Heading Objective*
                                  Work Experience
                                  Technical Skills 
                                  Volunteer Activities
    4. Write a Cover Letter for one of the positions you found in the classified ads.

    1st Paragraph: Opening
            Refer to the company, the position, and how you found out about the job.
    2nd Paragraph: Body
    Show how you are qualified for the job and how you can benefit the company.
    The body can be more than one paragraph.
    3rd Paragraph: Closing
    Ask for an interview in this paragraph.
    Give the employer a convenient way to contact you.
    5. Prepare a list of do’s and don’ts for an interview. Please use the Link Library below to search for information on interview skills.
    6. Prepare responses to common interview questions.
    Do a Google search on Interviews to review suggested responses and tips for answering interview questions.
    • What are your greatest strengths?
    • What are your greatest weaknesses?
    • Why should we hire you?
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • Where do you see yourself in five years?
    • Do you prefer working alone or with others? Why?
    • Do you have any questions? (Hint!! You always ask questions!)

    7. Write a Follow-up Letter. A thank-you or follow-up letter should be mailed within 24 hours of the interview.
    1st Paragraph: Opening
    Thank the interviewer for his/her time.
    Use the interviewer’s name.

    2nd Paragraph: Body
    Highlight your best qualification.

    3rd Paragraph: Conclusion
    Thank the interviewer again.
    8. Place all items in a folder labeled Job Search Portfolio.

       Your grade will be determined according to the following Rubric. Download this rubric to your student folder, print, and place it first in your portfolio.

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       Your Job Search Portfolio can be used whenever you are looking for employment. This portfolio should always be a work in process. You should never consider it complete because you should continually add your accomplishments to your resume and refine your letter and responses to questions to make your personal marketing plan the best that it can be. Keep a hard copy and an electronic copy of your portfolio for future use.
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