September 2018

  •  PrincipalCadre

    Tangipahoa Parish Elementary Principals Lead by Example
    Elementary principals and supervisors gathered at Independence Leadership Academy for their monthly collaboration meeting. All principal groups meet monthly for new learning and to discuss school management topics. 

    LMNS Poster Winners

    Nesom Art Club members display their entries for the Tangipahoa Parish Fair poster contest. Congrats to all participants!

    LES Literature with the First Lady

    Literature with the First Lady

    First Lady Donna Edwards called in for a virtual classroom visit with Mrs. Tuminello and Mrs. Walker's 2nd grade class at Loranger Elementary School. She is pictured here reading The Cajun Cornbread Boy by Dianne de Las Casas.


    Mrs. Wells’ 2nd grade class at Woodland Park Leadership Academy learned about the different types of communities. The students enjoyed creating homes that were placed in community rural, urban, and/or suburban settings.

     Nerd Day

    PreK teachers and paras at Nesom get in on the fun for Homecoming week!

     MES Students greet each other by waving.

    Midway Elementary School pre-kindergarten students, Gabrianna Brown and Robert Harwell, from Mrs. Therese Duval's class greet each other at the beginning of class. All of the pre-kindergarten students start each day with a positive greeting as they enter the class choosing to share a Thumbs Up, Wave, Fist Bump, or High Five. Way to go Midway Elementary Pre-Kindergartners!