We are excited to announce the newly revamped 21st Century after school program.  The 21st Century program will run Monday through Thursday from 3:00-5:30 from October 8th - early May.  This program is open to students in grades 2-4.  Students participating in this free program will be participating in the following enrichment activities.  Contact Ms. Rachel Mixon at 985-748-6953 for more information.


    Caines Arcade/Coding/Computer Science:  This class is based off a short film about a 9 year old boy's arcade made of cardboard and found objects.  Caine's arcade sparked a national maker/engineering movement.  You can learn more about Caine's Arcade at www.cainesarcade.com.  Through the building of games, students will learn engineering basics and troubleshooting techniques.  This class  will also focus on all aspects of coding.  The teacher will utilize Scratch, Code.org, Tynker.org, Cubelets Robotics, Spheros Robotics, and Bloxels to learn how to to code both robotics and video games.  Students will also be exposed to 3D drafting and printing.

    Math and Science of Cooking:  Students will learn math and science of making some of their favorite foods. Once their creations are complete, the students will participate in a meal while learning the manners/etiquette needed to portray a polished adult at the nicest of restaurants.  The class will also touch on character education.

    Science Lab:  This class was a favorite from last year.  Students in this class will learn the science of tomorrow.  Students will make hypotheses, conduct experiments, and put into practice the scientific method.  While the coding class will focus on the coding of robotics, this class will teach the circuitry of robotics.


    Download an application here.