On Friday, January 15, 2016, the teachers in Tangipahoa Parish attended workshops throughout the parish. One of the workshops presented was Ag in the Classroom. Colette Taillon and her students taught teachers how to incorporate agriculture into the classroom. Farm Bureau Insurance Agency donated 2 iPad minis and 2 baskets of Louisiana products to give away to two lucky teachers at each session. Pictured here are the winners from the morning and and afternoon sessions.


    Morning Session 

    Victoria Lawrence, Farm Bureau Representative

    Malcolm Fitzhugh, Agency Manager

    Elaina Roque, iPad Winner, HWM Teacher

    Kristen Davis, Basket Winner, HWM Teacher

    Colette Taillon 

    Afternoon Session 

    Victoria Lawrence, Farm Bureau Representative

    Joanie Valenti, Farm Bureau Representative

    Amy Peco, iPad Winner, HWM Teacher

    Amanda McDaniel, Basket Winner, HWM Teacher

    Colette Taillon 
     Ag Kids

    Meet the Ag Kids

    Pictured here are the students along with their teachers that presented Ag in the Classroom activities to teachers from Tangipahoa Parish on their Professional Development Day, January 15, 2016.

    1st Row

    Tristin Gill, Khylie Watson, Iliah Douglas, Amelia Babin, Alec Perelli

    2nd Row

    Sienna Belvin, Nicholas Maggio, Blaise, Luneau, Josi Baum, Hyatt Holten, Terran Perry

    3rd Row

    Leah Crawford, Julia Bellina, Bailey Wall, Jamiya Toney, Brooklyn Brignac, Shem, Greene, Ashlyn Walker, Ayden Torres

    4th Row

    Jodi Rogers, Noah Mayeaux, Bode McDaniel, Hayes Holten, Piper Bentivegna, Gerlacia Toney, Layla Williams, Colette Taillon

    Ag in the Classroom  
     Balloon Plants - Josie Baum, Layla, Williams and Shem Greene show the teachers how to plant seeds inside a balloon. This activity is designed to show students that plants need, water, sunlight, soil and carbon dioxide to grow.
    Ag in the Classroom  
      Distributing Products - Julia Bellina, Blaise Luneau, and Gerlacia Toney (not pictured) taught teachers how to use the Agriculture Commodity Map for Louisiana. They completed a graphic organizer on one commodity from Laouisiana using the map. The teachers left the workshop with a set of 10 maps to use in their classroom. 
    Ag in the Classroom  
    Click on this photo to see more photos of the event.  


    You Be the Chemist

    Hammond Westside Montessori is proud to announce that we had several participants that represented our school in the You Be the Chemist Challenge which was held at SLU on Friday, January 29, 2016.  They all represented our school with dignity and respect.  Taylor Crawford, Noah Holman, and Nathan Gendron,   six grade students in Mrs. Alanna Langla and Mrs. Angela Bradford's classes were among the top 20 scorers selected to participate in the challenge to earn a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish. Nathan went on to finish first out of over 300 students participating!  Congratulations to all of our participants for earning a nomination from their teachers to attend the event.

    The You Be The Chemist Challenge® is an interactive academic contest that encourages students in grades 5-8 to explore chemistry concepts and their real-world applications. 

    Pictured from left to right are: Taylor Crawford, Noah Holman, and first place winner, Nathan Gendron