• International Dot Day!
     Dot Day
     "The Dot," by Peter H. Reynolds, is a story about a little girl who is first discouraged by her inability to draw.  Through the guidance and motivation of a positive teacher, the child learns to explore her artistic abilities and make her mark in her own special way. The character in the story discovers how to share her talents with others, and even grows to become an inspiration to fellow classmates. 
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     The students celebrated International Dot Day in the classroom on Monday, September 15th.   The day began by the students listening to the story and discussing ways in which we all can make our mark in the world.
    Click HERE to listen to the story! 
     The students then worked together to rotate through Dot Stations around the classroom.  Everyone enjoyed participating in the activities and were very creative in all of their dot designs and ideas.
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     Stations Students used Microsoft Paint to create dot designs at the computer stations.  The activity allowed for students to practice basic keyboarding skills, such as click and drag, and use the basic editing features of drop down menus and formatting tools.
    At the art center, students used a coffee filter, markers, and card stock to create masterpieces of their own.  The students first decorated a frame in swirling gold.  They then colored a coffee filter using markers.  A spray bottle was used to apply a bit of water to the filter. After placing the filter in the center of the frame, the students added their signature as a final touch.
     iPads were used to explore many dot "apptivities."  The students were challenged to use their brains to remember patterns, add numbers, create designs, and apply strategies.
    At the writing center, students reflected on the story, "The Dot." Some questions explored were "How will you make a mark in the world?" and "How can your class make a difference at school?".
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    Students designed their very own dot, then used the app "ColAR Mix" to bring the illustration to life.  
    Click HERE for more information about the app. 
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      The students wrote their very own Dot Story using dot stickers and their own imagination.
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     A VC Collaboration between OW Dillon and Tucker Elementary  
    A special part of the Dot Day lesson was our connection with a 3rd grade class from OW Dillon Elementary in Kentwood. 
     The classes, who might not have ever had the opportunity to work together otherwise, were able to interact and participate in a class lesson together.  Students shared with each other the activities that they were completing in the classroom, as well as ways that they planned to make a difference in the world.
        Dot Day 2014
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    The children from OW Dillon used the computer program Microsoft Paint to illustrate dot designs of their own.  They printed the art and shared their pieces with our Tucker Gators. 
     Dot Day
     Mrs. Methvin's class shared activities that they were completing on the iPad.  With many dot-related apps, including memory games, math activities, strategy builders, and art.... the students had many great "apptivities" in which to discuss.
     OWD  TES  OWD2 TES2  
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     .....and of course, the day would not have been complete without a giant Dot to eat!

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