Up Next Texting Service Available for Students
    Recently, "Up Next" was launched as part of First Lady Michelle Obama's Reach Higher Initiative in conjunction with the Better Make Room campaign. "Up Next" is Better Make Room's mobile messaging tool that will provide students and families across the country with free personalized support regarding college search and application, federal student aid, and student loan repayment.
    "Up Next" is based on research that was conducted by University of Virginia Professor Ben Castleman. Professor Castleman, who is on loan to Better Make Room to lead this effort, proved in his research that these "nudges" that are sent to students through Up Next, which address topics/deadlines regarding the admissions process, standardized tests, and federal student aid (aka - FAFSA), are proven to improve educational outcomes, and are FREE for schools, colleges, etc. to use. These texts that students receive will help guide students through the process, and will even provide them with one-on-one advising over text for students who need extra help. These one-on-one advisors come from the top five college advising nonprofits in the country, and have loaned us their services as a way to help more students get to college.
    In order to register for the "Up Next" text messaging service, students simply text the word COLLEGE to 44044.
    Jump Start Program Updates
    All 47 Jump Start graduation pathways have been updated to include more courses and new features that make them more user-friendly.  To ensure that your students are provided the greatest number of options and opportunities for graduation, always use the most recent version of the graduation pathways available on the redesigned All Things Jump Start web portal.  The new and expanded list of courses qualifying for Career Development Fund (CDF) funding has been included in the updated Jump Start policy document
    The Jump Start Video Network (JSVN) will provide parents, students, academic-subject teachers and other stakeholders with videos that will describe different aspects of the Jump Start program. Videos will be created by students, teachers and institutions like the Cowen Institute and the Foundation for Excellence in Education.
    The Jump Start Automated Text Response System will provide parents, students, academic-subject teachers and other stakeholders with information about Jump Start. Users text "JUMPSTART" to 99008 to enter the system and receive links to the information they want to receive. (Text "VIDEOS" to 99008 to get links to the JSVN.)
    Districts and charter schools can customize their information on the Jump Start Automated Text Response System by contacting JumpStart@la.gov.
    Signal Vine Test Messaging Reminders
    LOSFA is providing text messages to convey critical college access information to high school seniors. High school seniors who elect to receive text messages will receive reminders of ACT/SAT testing registration deadlines, college application preparation assistance, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion assistance, financial aid/college access information and reminders of fee payment deadlines for college applications, housing applications and orientation applications.
    Interested seniors can opt-in to the Signal Vine text messaging platform by emailing their name, high school name and cell phone number to LOSFA.SignalVine@la.gov.