• Let's Code  
    Are you ready to code? You've come to a great place to get started.
     Your teacher may specify which site you should use for your computer time today, or you may have the opportunity to explore on our own.  The sites below can be used for free play.  If you want to advance without losing your progress, your teacher may need to create an account for you for some of the sites.
    Hour of Code  
     Click the image above for an extensive library of coding activities from code.org , or choose an activity from the list below.
    Happy Coding! 

  •  Elementary Coding Sites
     Code Monster
    Kano World  
    Tynker - Coding for Kids  
    The sites below are associated with tynker.com 
     Tynker - Spin  Tynker - Candy Quest
     Tynker - Puppy Adventure  Tynker - Tell a Joke
    The sites below are from code.org 
    Code Studio - Course 2  
     Code Studio - Frozen
    Code Studio - Classic Maze  
     Code Studio - Infinity Play Lab Code Studio - Play Lab  


Middle/High School Coding Sites

  •  Grok  Hello Processing
    Girls Gather for Computer Science  codecademy
     Khan Academy   The Foos
    Code Combat  Tech Rocket
     Tynker  Kano World  
    Code Studio
    The following sites are associated with code.org 
    Code Studio App Lab
     Code Studio Accelerated Courses
     Code Studio Course 3  Code Studio Course 4
    Code Studio Mine Craft  Code Studio Star Wars   
     Code Studio Artist Code Studio Flappy  
     Code Studio - Infinity Play Lab  Code Studio - Play Lab
     Khan Academy
    The following sites are associated with Khan Academy
     Khan Academy - Webpage Khan Academy - Databases  
     Khan Academy - Drawing