DP Admissions

  • DP Admissions

    Diploma Programme

    Entry into the IB Diploma Programme (DP): Years 11 & 12
    (Students can only enter the program during year 11)

    IB Diploma Programme courses are two-year academically challenging courses developed to prepare students for success at university, and are an internationally recognized qualification. Students interested in seeking the IB Diploma should assure they have the presumed knowledge and background expected of IB Diploma students.

    All students interested in entering into the IB Diploma Programme must complete the application process, submit an academic resume, and attend a planning conference with the IB Diploma Coordinator (conferences will be scheduled by coordinator).  Parents and students are encouraged to attend an informational session for an introduction to the progamme.
    Meeting dates will be posted on the HHMS calendar and on the HHMS IB Diploma webpage. Please check back.
    If you are interested in applying for the Diploma Programme at HHMS, please contact the IB Coordinator, Deirdra Disher Haase

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    "The IB programme became the building blocks for my success in college, and I would not trade the experience for anything in the world."

    -Elizabeth Weathersby, Class of 2015