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    今日は Students! This page is dedicated to providing students with helpful documents, resources, and information. Please feel free to contact Ms. Bean if you have any suggestions of items to add to the page.

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    IB Student Registry

    The IB Student Registry is an exciting website now available for IB students to help connect them with universities. This website allows students to upload their own academic, extracurricular, college-interest and IB specific information into a database that is accessible to universities in order for them to identify potential applicants for their campus. The registry will also allow students to browse colleges and universities and view IB recognition policies and scholarships. This website can be a great resource for students and parents to gain a greater knowledge of the relationship between IB and universities and allow students to showcase their hard work and dedication to the IB program. The IB Student Registry website can be found by clicking the link: IB Student Registry

IB and University Recognition

  • Universities across the world recognize the International Baccalaureate Diploma as a rigorous program; henceforth, DP students often receive college credit for their coursework depending on their score in the DP course. Universities that do not offer college credit often offer DP students preferential acceptance to their institutions.
    DP students are attractive candidates for Universities because they have developed core skills for success, such as: 
    • an understanding of and application for research
    • presentation and communication skills
    • critical thinking skills
    • report writing skills
    • a sense of international mindedness and cultural understanding
    • time management skills
    Furthermore, HHMS DP students are often offered more scholarship opportunities than HHMS AP/Honors/Dual Enrollment students.  
    The IB University policy index includes self-reported policy information provided by universities to the IB through October 2015.  Not all Universities are represented, and students should visit their selected universities websites to find their IB recognition policies. 
    IB and University Recognition

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    Photo: Donald Britton 

    "The program definitely presented me with a challenge                that I had yearned for in school; it made me actually                   have to try in school and not to just breeze through.                     That challenge helped motivate me, and that                             motivation has been a helpful asset in the Air Force."

     -Deante Britton, Class of 2015

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