•  iTunes cards
    The TPSS Technology Department feels that it is important that teachers should be able to use their TechPoints for apps and music for the classroom.  Because of  Auditors and Accounting procedures in place in TPSS, the following procedure has been developed for being able to offer these to educators. We realize that this is a very detailed process, but think it is important to be able to offer teachers the iTunes cards to pay for apps, etc. to use in the classroom with students.
    1.     Order FormClick the link and  you will find a spreadsheet that is your “Order Form” for the purchases that you intend to make with the iTunes card.  You will need to go to the App Store and get the information to list specifically the items that you will buy with this iTunes card.  As you can see on the spreadsheet, we need the name of the item, the individual cost, if you want to purchase more than one, and the total price for that item. The spreadsheet contains formulas, so it you enter the number of each item and the cost, the totals (including 7% tax) will be calculated for you.  The total will also automatically calculate for the entire page. 

    At the top of the form you need to enter your name and school and also the value of the iTunes card that you have TechPoints for.

    2.     Email Carol Edwards - Once you have the spreadsheet completed, you need to email it to Carol Edwards carol.edwards@tangischools.org and she will attach it to the Purchase Order that she has to submit to Accounting.  The gift card(s) cannot be ordered until she receives the order form.

    3.     Send iTunes Receipt emailOnce your iTunes card comes in and you receive it, you will need to make sure that you actually order the things that were listed on the spreadsheet “Order Form.” When you receive the email receipt from Apple for those items, immediately forward that receipt to Carol Edwards in the Technology Department. This order receipt is extremely important, because if we don’t get that to go along with the PO and order form, you will have to reimburse the school system for the amount of the iTunes card. 

    After reading and moving forward with following these procedures, you agree and understand the terms stated above.

    After reading these requirements, if you have changed your mind about getting an iTunes card with your TechPoints, just flip Carol Edwards an email and tell her to void that order, so that you can use your points for something else.