• Classroom Breakouts
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    Students in Ms. Erin March's Monday B'YON Gifted Enrichment class at Martha Vinyard solved the case and saved the Constitution! They beat the timer for Constitution Heist, a Breakout EDU game centered around the Constitution of the United States.

  • Powell Breakout 2

    Students in Mrs. Jodie Powell's B'YON Gifted class participated in a Breakout lesson on Hurricanes this week.  Her 3rd-8th grade classes completed with time left on the clock.  Students used critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skill to complete clues to help them unlock the box. 

  • Mrs. Meisha Lewis-Williams 4th grade class participated in "Reindeer Game" breakout edu.  The students enjoyed this learning opportunity.


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    Hammond Eastside Elementary Breaks out

    Breakout EDU boxes are immersive learning games for all content areas which teach critical thinking, teamwork, and complex problem solving. Sarah Strahan’s sixth graders "broke out" of THE TIME KEEPER game. The students engaged in the Breakout EDU session to review their unit of study on Mesopotamia. They saved the world from Dr. Drovic’s split personality taking over time and changing history. In doing so, they learned a great deal about communicating, an important part of the IB Learner Profile, and teamwork. More information about Breakout EDU Box activities can be found at https://www.tangischools.org/Domain/5183.
    Back row: Unseld Johnson, Stormie Brecheen, Kayla Edwards, Milssa Cochran, Angelique Patterson, Timothy Mitchell; Middle row: Abigaiil Thompson, Thaleia Dufrene, Destiny Baham, Khamani White, Skyy Jackson, Jillian Patterson, Autumn Allen; Bottom row: Caroline Sibley, Eva Delatte, Teddra Hartford, Aaryn Zanders, Brenna Adams, Richard Frere, Jeremiah Reitz;


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    Down in LA

    Independence Middle


    line of locks  Champ Cooper BreakOut

    Shantel Womack's 8th grade class at Champ Cooper Elementary School completed a Hurricane themed Breakout EDU.  The class was divided into two groups and not only raced against the clock, but each other to see who would be the first group to breakout.  The students have asked for more Breakout activities for their class.  All of the students in the class were engaged and excited.  Teamwork was the key to success with the clock ticking.

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    Karla Douglas, librarian at Independence Elementary School, ran 3 Breakout EDU sessions with students at her school. Mrs. Davis' 4th grade class and Mrs. Dunomes' 3rd grade class did a St. Patrick's Day themed activity using the box.  The teachers and students couldn't stop talking about the Breakout EDU activites. Excitement surrounds this new tool for creative thinking and collaboration.


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    Woodland Park Magnet Christmas Breakout EDU

    Ms. Galofaro’s third grade class at Woodland Park Magnet School worked as a team to solve the Christmas classic clues to unlock a very important message from Santa Claus. They participated in ultra-engaging learning game called Breakout EDU with a Christmas twist. Breakout EDU teaches teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve. This Breakout EDU implemented Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies Common Core Skills while the students had fun learning.
    Above: Brooklyn Kattengell and Christian Mitchell
    Below: Elia Roberts, Breanna Washington , Briel Robinson and Kamdin Perry

    Woodland Park Christmas Breakout EDU


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