PDP Summer Assignments

  • PDP Summer 2017 Assignments

    Freshmen (May 2021)

    1. PDP English I: PDP English I Summer Assignment (Connects to Biology Assignment)

    2. PDP Spanish I: Practice on duolingo

    3. PDP/AP US Government & Politics: PDP Civics Summer Assignment

    4. PDP Biology: Hot Zone Guided Reading Summer Assignments & Biology Assignment

    5. PDP Math (Algebra I/Geometry/Algebra II): None


    Sophomore (May 2020)

    1. PDP English II: PDP English II Summer Assignment

    2. AP Language & Composition: PDP English III Summer Assignment

    3. PDP Spanish II: Practice on duolingo

    4. PDP/AP Human Geography: PDP Human Geography Summer Assignment

    5. PDP Chemistry: None

    6. PDP Math (Geometry/Algebra II/Advanced Math): None

    DP Summer 2017 Assignments

    Junior (May 2019)

    1. Literature HL Y1: 2017 DP Literature and LL Summer Assignment

    2. Spanish B SL Y1: Practice on DuoLingo

    3. HOA HL Y1: Read Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody. Be prepared for discussion and paper in week 1.

    4. ITGS HL Y1: None

    5. Psychology HL Y1: None

    6. Math Studies SL Y1: None

    7. Math SL Y1: None

    8. Biology HL Y1: Read and Annotate: The Lives of a Cell by Lewis Thomas

    9. Physics SL Y1: Students are to read the introduction, chapter 1 and a chapter of their choice from the book For the Love of Physics: From the End of the Rainbow to the Edge of Time - A Journey Through the Wonders of Physics. A four paragraph review worth 10 points will be due the first day of class. Students will need to check out the book from HHMS library

    10. Film HL Y1: None

    11. Theatre HL Y1: None

    12. TOK: Read and annotate The Life of Pi by Yann Martel

    13. PPS: None


    Senior (May 2018)

    1. Literature HL Y2: Given out in class -

    2. Spanish B SL Y2: Practice on DuoLingo

    3. HOA HL Y2: Suggested -  Read Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody.

    4. Psychology HL Y2 - Paper packet of 2 IA's given in class to mark and be ready to discuss

    5. Math Studies SL Y2: Complete IA

    6. Math SL Y2: Work on IA

    7. Biology HL Y2: Complete the construction of a mesocosm. The lab guide is available via ManageBac.

    8. Physics SL Y2: Students are to watch the lecture videos for the option topic and work through the option topic practice problems. The completed 10 point homework assignment for the option topic is due the first day of class. The 25 point quiz for the option topic will be completed during the second class period. Complete the experimental portion their group 4 project

    9. Film HL Y2: None

    10. Extended Essay:4,000 word draft

    11. TOK: Read and annotate The Alchemist by Paulo Colho. Identify knowledge questions throughout. 

    12: CAS: Continued CAS experiences

    13. PPS: Given out in class - 

    Last Updated: 7/18/2017