• Lesson Activity Buidler
     Use Lesson Activity Builder to enhance your lessons by creating and adding interactive activities.  These activities help students memorize concepts and facts, identify objects, learn vocabulary definitions, and more. 

    Flip Out flip card activity

    Flip Out is a flip card activity in which students flip cards over just like flash cards. You add text or images to the face and back of as many flip cards as you need. Students flip cards over one at a time to reveal what’s on the other side. Flip cards are a great way to reinforce concepts and memory. 
    Adding a Flip Out Card Activity
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    Super Sort sorting activity

    Super Sort is an activity in which students sort items into categories. Sorting categories are the groups into which students move sorting items. Sorting items are the words or terms that students move into sorting categories. You define the categories and the items, then assess students’ knowledge of each category and the items that might belong to those categories.
    Adding a Super Sort Activity 
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    Match ’Em Up! activity

    Using Match ’Em Up!, students can match items on one side of the board with items on the other side using drag and drop. This activity is easy to set up and is very engaging. 
    Adding a Match 'Em Up Activity
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    Fill in the Blanks activity

    With the Fill in the Blanks activity, students can drag and drop missing content to correctly complete sentences or identify parts of speech.
    Adding a Fill in the Blanks Activity .
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    Rank Order activity

    Students play Rank Order by ordering items as you instruct. Try sorting whole numbers from smallest to largest, listing steps in a process or arranging items in order of preference. 
    Adding a Rank Order Activity
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    Shout It Out! (computer OR mobile device activity)

    Shout It Out! is a content-creation tool that students and teachers can use with Lesson Activity Builder . Students can quickly create and contribute text and images to LAB activities using their own devices, and teachers can easily curate the content.
    Adding a Shout it Out! Activity
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     Label Reveal 

    The Label Reveal activity is a great way for students to develop deeper understanding of systems and their components.
     Speedup Activity

     Students will love to compete to see who answers questions the fastest using the Speedup activity.
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