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    May 2016

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    Honors trip to Birmingham

    The O.W. Dillon Junior Honors Society recently took a field trip to the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. Pictured are the Junior Honors Society members and Principal Hugh Wallace.

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     Jewel M. Sumner portrait dedication

    On Friday, May 5, at 9:30 a.m., Laramie McElveen, Sumner High School Senior, presented Jewel M. Sumner High School with a portrait of Ms. Jewel M. Sumner. Ms. Sumner donated the 30 acres of land that now is home to Jewel M. Sumner High School. Ms. Jewel Mixon Sumner was a teacher at Spring Creek Elementary and lived in the Chesbrough community. She had a vision to combine Spring Creek High School and Chesbrough High School. Mr. Darrell Fairburn, long time principal at Sumner, shared that she did not want the school named after her. A delegation had to convince her that this was the most noncontroversial choice for the school name. The colors of the school and the mascot were voted on by the student bodies of both schools. The colors were chosen in conjunction with the country's bicentennial. Mrs. Sumner has a deep love for music which is carried on at the school with their rich choir, piano, and band programs.

    Mrs. Tabitha Blades, Assistant Principal, shared the saying that a teacher never knows how many lives they touch. She remarked that she was a student at Sumner, met her husband here, and owed her family and career to the staff of Sumner High School. 

    Mrs. Hazel Brandon, Administrative Assistant, shared the graduates of each decade whose lives were touched by the formation of Jewel M. Sumner High School. From 1982 through 1991, Sumner graduated 689 students; from 1992 though 2001, Sumner graduated 640 students; from 2002 through 2011, Sumner graduated 895 students; from 2012 through 2015, Sumner graduated 391. Mrs. Brandon is the only teacher from the original staff still working at Sumner.

    Mr. Jay Stuckey, Principal, shared that he had been given many opportunities to leave Sumner for higher positions, but he has chosen to stay at Sumner to continue the legacy started by Ms. Sumner. Mr. Stuckey is a transplant here and was originally from the New Orleans area. He has grown to love the rural community that makes up Sumner High School. He is also a very successful cross country and track coach.

    Laramie McElveen, a talented art student, under the direction of Mrs. Sharon Sledge, Talented Art Teacher, did a portrait of Ms. Jewel M. Sumner in pencil for her Senior Project. The portrait detail is amazing. Her Senior Project teacher is Mrs. Deana Simmons. Laramie wanted to learn about Ms. Sumner and the history of her school.

    On hand for the occasion, were many of the original faculty and staff members including Mrs. Linda McDaniel, Cafeteria Manager; Mrs. Betty Ballard, retired Cafeteria Manager; Mrs. Annie Lewis, retired Alegbra I Teacher; Mr. Edwin Anderson, retired Social Studies Teacher; Mr. Sid Kinchen, Agricultural Sciences Teacher; Mrs. Gail Pittman McDaniel, School Board Member, former PTSA member; Mr. Darrell Fairburn, Washington Parish School Superintendent, former SHS Principal; former Social Studies Teacher, Girls Basketball Coach, Track Coach; Mrs. Hazel Dyson Brandon, Administrative Assistant, Former Geometry Teacher; Ms. Diane Thomas, retired Girls Basketball and Softball Coach and Physical Education Teacher; Mr. Elton Shaw, retired Football Coach and Physical Education Teacher and Social Studies Teacher. 
     Jewel M. Sumner portrait dedication
    Pictured above: Mrs. Linda McDaniel, Mrs. Betty Ballard, Mrs. Annie Lewis, Mr. Edwin Anderson, Mr. Sid Kinchen, Mrs. Gail Pittman McDaniel, Mr. Darrell Fairburn, Mrs. Hazel Dyson Brandon, Mrs. Dianna Thomas, Mr. Elton Shaw
    Pictured at the top of the article: Hazel Brandon, SHS Administrative Assistant; Mark Kolwe, TPSS Superintendent;  Jay Stuckey, SHS Prinicipal; Laramie McElveen, Wanda McElveen, Laramie's Proud Mother; Tabitha Blades, SHS Assistant Principal
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    Northshore Technical Community College graduation 2016  
    The Northshore Technical College Graduation ceremony was held at the TPSS Central Office recently.  Graduates were honored on their acheivements by receiving certificates from Superintendent Mark Kolwe and Assistant Superintent Thomas Bellavia.  Congratulations to these students. 
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    You Be the Chemist State Winner

    Hammond Eastside Magnet 7th grade student Shametha Thuma was honored at the TPSS School Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 3, for placing 5th in the state in the “You Be The Chemist” competition. Also, Shametha was among an elite group of 7th graders invited to take the ACT this year. She made a composite score of 24! Congratulations, Shametha! Pictured - School Board President Brett Duncan, Superintendent Mark Kolwe, Shametha Thuma, and HEM Principal Stephen Labbe'.

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    Woodland Park Magnet School

    Over 500 students at Woodland Park Magnet School in Hammond celebrated the completion of the 2015-2016 school year. Family and friends packed the house for two days enjoying programs filled with songs, memories, and awards for each student.

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