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    January 2016  
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    TPSS Librarians trying to "Break the Box" during professional development  

    On Friday, January 15 Tangipahoa Parish School System Librarians met at the Technology Center for Professional Development.  Susan Gauthier, Director of Library Services in East Baton Rouge Parish School System talked with the Librarians about all the ways that a 21st Century Librarian can enhance student learning.  Ms. Gauthier shared ideas, activities and strategies to accomplish this and closed out the meeting with a Breakout EDU hands-on session.  TPSS Librarians were actively engaged using critical thinking skills, collaboration and creativity to achieve their goal and “break out of the box.”  Click here to see more pictures from the session.
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    On Friday, January 15, 2016, the teachers in Tangipahoa Parish attended workshops throughout the parish. One of the workshops presented was Ag in the Classroom. Colette Taillon and her students taught teachers how to incorporate agriculture into the classroom. Farm Bureau Insurance Agency donated 2 iPad minis and 2 baskets of Louisiana products to give away to two lucky teachers at each session.

    Pic 1: Meet the Ag Kids - Tristin Gill, Khylie Watson, Iliah Douglas, Amelia Babin, Alec Perelli, Sienna Belvin, Nicholas Maggio, Blaise, Luneau, Josi Baum, Hyatt Holten, Terran Perry, Leah Crawford, Julia Bellina, Bailey Wall, Jamiya Toney, Brooklyn Brignac, Shem, Greene, Ashlyn Walker, Ayden Torres, Jodi Rogers, Noah Mayeaux, Bode McDaniel, Hayes Holten, Piper Bentivegna, Gerlacia Toney, Colette Taillon;

    Pic 2: Balloon Plants - Josie Baum, Layla, Williams and Shem Greene show the teachers how to plant seeds inside a balloon. This activity is designed to show students that plants need, water, sunlight, soil and carbon dioxide to grow.

    Pic 3: Distributing Products - Julia Bellina, Blaise Luneau, and Gerlacia Toney (not pictured) taught teachers how to use the Agriculture Commodity Map for Louisiana. They completed a graphic organizer on one commodity from Louisiana using the map. The teachers left the workshop with a set of 10 maps to use in their classroom.

    Pic 4: Victoria Lawrence, Farm Bureau Representative; Joanie Valenti, Farm Bureau Representative; Amy Peco, iPad Winner, HWM Teacher; Amanda McDaniel, Basket Winner, HWM Teacher;

    Pic 5: Victoria Lawrence, Farm Bureau Representative; Malcolm Fitzhugh, Agency Manager; Elaina Roque, iPad Winner, HWM Teacher; Kristen Davis, Basket Winner, HWM Teacher;

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    Honduran Visitors to HWMS  
     Honduran Educators visited Hammond Westside Montessori recently. The educators were visiting local elementary schools through the Hammond Rotary Club. They toured the school, visited several classrooms and were given a glimpse of the Montessori curriculum. The tour ended with King Cake and souvenir Mardi Gras beads to take home. Pictured above, third grade student, Sandra Lara,  demonstrates the Montessori Movable Alphabet phonics lesson for the visitors,  Robinson Burgos, Jessica Gonzalez, Wendy Ayestos, and Angela Reyes.
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     Delta Academy at West Side Middle
    West Side Middle School students who are member of Delta Academy visited the Tangi Pines Nursing Center to spread some Christmas Cheer.  Students made Christmas cards and gave them to the residents.  They also sang Christmas Carols as they visited with the residents. Click picture to enlarge. 
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     Sheriff Daniel Edwards
     Hammond Westside Montessori School hosted an All Pro Dads breakfast recently.  The guest speaker was Sheriff Daniel Edwards.  Sheriff Edwards’ message stressed that when we set goals and work hard, we can achieve them.  He encouraged the students to take advantage of the important gift of education.  He complimented HWMS on the first class education that they provide to its students.  Sheriff Edwards’ message to dads, moms, and grandparents was to let their children know that they love them unconditionally, support their efforts, will correct them to help them work to their potential, and will provide for them so that their dreams can come true. 
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    Spelling Bee Winners  
    Students in 1st through 6th grades participated in a spelling bee at O.W. Dillon Elementary on Thursday, January 21st.  Pictured are the top three finishers with Principal Hugh V. Wallace, III.  Students are, from left to right, Lada Young (2nd place), Jordan Cooper (1st place), and Kolby Ragan (3rd place).  All are second graders in Mrs. Chapman's class.  
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     Hammond Eastside Magnet
    Hammond Eastside Magnet fourth grade student, Preston Marks is playing his guitar for his class.  Mrs. Stacy Lindsey's class studied sound as part of their "How the World Works" Unit of Inquiry. The class learned about and discussed how the vibrations of the strings help the guitar to create sound. 
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     Winter Wonderland Queens
     Students at D.C. Reeves in Ponchatoula raised $215.00 for the Council on Aging in Ponchatoula by purchasing votes for their favorite teacher to be crowned Ms. Winter Wonderland.  Mrs. Amanda Williams (pictured right) won 3rd grade Queen and Mrs. Shannon Canterbury (pictured left) was crowned 4th grade Queen.  The pageant took place during the school's annual Christmas program which included performances by the D.C. Reeves choir and Ponchatoula Jr. High School Band.   Each Christmas the students raise money for a local charity through the Winter Wonderland Pageant, and this activity helps to promote a generous spirit that is extremely important, especially during the holidays.
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     Sumner High School
    Dr. Steven G. Hall, Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator at Louisiana State University's Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering visited Mrs. Karley R. Cooper's Business classes at Sumner High School on Thursday, January 14, 2016. His presentation was titled "Scarebots: Autonomous Vehicles Help Farmers and the Environment." He explained that these Scarebots are used in catfish ponds to scare predatory birds away to protect farmers' fish crops. The Scarebot is patented. He explained that the autonomous robot was low maintenance, power supply assured, intelligent, adaptive, inexpensive, and robust. The students commented that, "The lake thing was really cool." The initiative "Speaking of Science" is sending Louisiana researchers into the classroom to talk to students. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Board of Regents' Louisiana Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.Front Row L-R: Laramie McElveen, Dr. Steven G. Hall, Dawson Blalock, Neven Mobley, Jessica Duran; Back Row L-R: Destiny Barnett, Austin Ballow, Joe'Quarious Simmons; 
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    HEM Art Gala  
    Hammond Eastside Magnet IB World School accomplished an amazing event on Thursday, January 14, 2016,  during our annual Art Gala with the theme “Creativity Connects the World”.  Over 1500 students, parents, school board members, and community partners were enriched and overjoyed with the activities that included a performance of many children involving all aspects of the arts:  Dance, Drama, and Music.  The halls of HEM were arrayed with glorious works of art from clay, glass, sculpture, canvas, and many other forms of child created works.  A silent auction was held and many people said it was the best event yet at our school.  Bravo to our team of educators and staff that provide excellence in the arts to our children and our community.  It was a smashing success.  Shout out always to our leader, Principal Stephen Labbe. Pictured above:  8th grade students researched local artist George Rodrigue and his famous Blue Dog paintings. They created their own version of the Blue Dog. More images of the event can be seen in the photo gallery on the school’s website: https://www.tangischools.org/Page/27050 
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     LHS English II Public Service Announcements

    Mrs. McDonald-Tallo's English II class at Loranger High School created videos during their unit on the types of persuasion. Take a look at their Public Service Announcement on Texting and Driving.


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    Amite Elementary Magnet students participate in LYRC voting

    Amite Elementary Magnet third and fourth grade students  voted today on their favorite book from a list of nominated titles.  Each year the Louisiana State Library Association nominates books for the "Louisiana Young Readers Choice" (LYRC) award.  The students at the school then read a minimum of three books from the list and vote on their favorite one.  The state delivers real voting machines for the students to cast their vote for the LYRC awards.

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    Civil Air Patrol

    C/SSGT Ricasha Cohn, a junior at Kentwood High and C/SSGT Tabbitha Gill, a senior at Sumner High were featured in Volunteer Magazine, the official Civil Air Patrol magazine with international circulation.  This photo was taken at the summer encampment at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier and the two Cadets are standing under the wing of a B-52 bomber on the flightline.  This kind of access to a nuclear-capable long-range strategic bomber is almost completely unheard of. 

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    HEEM Lego Maker Space in Library

    Hammond Eastside Magnet Library has a new Maker Space for students... "Legos with a Purpose". Click here to read more...

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    Books for students at HEM

    Performing Arts teacher, Dr. Cynthia Tricou, is sitting with happy students at Hammond Eastside Elementary Magnet School recently after she gave them books.