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    November 2015
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    Independence High Band Director Philip Shelley and his students engaged in an emersion event on the campus of Southern University and A&M College.  The event "Juke Fest 2015" was sponsored by the Southern University Marching Band, also know as "The Human JukeBox".  This event was produced with the distinct purpose of influencing students to collectively adopt effective and efficient daily program practices as a ritual in music which may also be applicable in other academic areas.  Also proving that academic excellence, perseverance, and dedication are requirements essential to success.  The students were privileged to have a short campus tour and meet and have an educational 'question and answer session' with the Student Government Association President, who is a graduate of Kentwood High School. Our students also experienced the Human JukeBox as they performed for the participating schools.  Our students were very well behaved and engaged in the events activities.   
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    Pendulum Science  

    Hammond Westside Montessori 5th Graders Conduct a Scientific Investigation

    Fifth graders in Mrs. Becky Tobin’s class conducted a scientific investigation lesson to determine what factors affect the period of a pendulum on Monday, November 9, 2015. In this lesson, students were testing 3 independent variables having to do with motion.  Concepts discussed during the lesson were motion, speed, gravity, force, potential energy, kinetic energy, independent variable, and dependent variables. These concepts are taught in the Force, Motion, and Energy unit of the 5th grade science book.

    The release point - Using a 6 inch ruler, students released the bob of the pendulum from a height of 6 inches above the desk. They timed the amount of time it took to complete 10 periods (10 complete swings). They performed two trials at the same height. To determine if it would swing faster if released at a higher point, students did two trials from a height of approximately 16 inches above the desk. It took the same amount of time to complete 10 periods no matter what height the bob was released from.

    The mass of the bob - Students timed 10 periods of the pendulum swing using 1 large washer and then compared the time to 2 large washers. The students determined that the mass did not affect the time it takes to swing.

    The length of the string - Students compared the initial length, 18 inches of string to a shorter length of approximately 8 inches. They determined that the pendulum swung much faster with the shorter string.

    Pictured are Kirian Kelly with the timer, Patrick Fink let the string go, and Shaver Drummond counting and recording.

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    AEMS Family Turkeys  
    Third grade students at Amite Elementary Magnet school completed a family turkey project.  Students were sent home with a template of a turkey and encouraged to work as a family to decorate the turkey.  The turkeys were then displayed in the auditorium and students from all grade levels were invited to vote on their favorite.  In first place was Shanya Washington with her "Warrior Pride Turkey."  Second place was Kei'Jhariah Varnado with her "Guardian Angel Turkey."  In third place was Schariah Brumfield with her "Minion Turkey."  The winners received gift certificates to McDonald's for their hard work. 
    AEMS Admin with turkey winners  
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      Sumner High Beta Club
     Sumner High School Beta Club under the direction of Mrs. Loren Lee collected over 110 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Great job, students!
    Sumner High Operation Christmas Chilc  
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    Students at Independence Middle Magnet recently wrapped up their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Students and Student Athletes collected over 800 items. These items were donated to the Tangi Food Pantry and will be used to help our local community. 
    Pic 1- Student Athlete Alex Teope is helping load canned goods that were collected by students at Independence Middle Magnet. 
    Pic 2- Students at Independence Middle Magnet proudly show off what they collected during their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. 
    Pic 3- Students at Independence Middle Magnet are pictured with Principal Alexa Hookfin, Tangi Food Pantry employee Ryan Clancy, and Concerned Citizens member Aaron Jackson proudly displaying what was collected during the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.
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    Local artists Cindy Langston and Stan White volunteered their time to help the students at Independence Middle Magnet paint Christmas murals. These murals will be hung on the train depot in downtown Independence. They will go up the day after Thanksgiving. They will also be used in the Independence Christmas parade. After the parade, there will be a reception and viewing of the murals at the train depot. Everyone is invited to attend and support the students. 
    Pic 1- from left to right- Kevin Sarow and Kristy Alvarez are pictured working hard to help complete a Christmas mural that was drawn by local artists Stan White and Cindy Langston. 
    Pic 2- Local artist Cindy Langston puts some finishing touches on a Christmas mural painted by the students at IMMS.
    Pic 3- Local artist Stan White helps finish a beautiful Christmas mural. 
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    Picking greens at IHS

    Frank Fekete's Agriculture students at Independence High School are busy picking kale, cabbage and collard greens from the school's garden just in time for Thanksgiving.


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    REMS Student of the Year

    Roseland Elementary Montessori School would like to announce the 2015-16 Student of Year, Emilia Lombardo.  Emilia is in the 5th grade and is pictured with principal, Rhonda Vaccaro and Administrative Assistant, Dabney Cashe.  Congratulations, Emilia!

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    HEEM on the farm

    Hammond Eastside Magnet School students, Haley Brown and Madison Wells,  enjoyed the goats at the Luizza Farms in Amite on Friday, November 20, 2015.  It was a wonderful day in the agriculture world and all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students had a great learning day with nature. 

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    Math Bootcamp at O.W. Dillon

    Dr. Jennifer Wheat, District Math Coordinator, facilitated a math collaboration recently at O.W. Dillon for all math teachers. The collaboration included using the evidence tables and math practices to ensure teachers are working on the right work with students. Teachers also reviewed sample test released items and modeled the actual thinking needed for them to model to students in daily lessons.

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    Parent Volunteers  
    Mrs. Shea Lyons comes to Mrs. Jenna Ott's first grade class at Hammond Westside Montessori School  to volunteer her time helping students to practice reading. 
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