I am very excited for Spanish I & II this year! We will be covering introductory Spanish material that requires you to read, write, ask, and answer in Spanish. A quiz and/or test will be given each week. To ensure your success, study the information little by little every night for homework. We always have something to study!

    VIRTUAL DAYS: You should be working on Spanish assignments during your designated class period. I will be monitoring through GoGuardian if you need assistance with assignments.

    Classroom Rules:            

    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2. Be seated in your assigned seat and prepared to work when the bell rings.

    3. Bring all books and necessary materials to class.

    4. Be respectful and courteous to others and their belongings.

    5. Work diligently on the assigned task until you are dismissed.


    Steps for Corrective Action:

    1. Reminder

    2. A 15-minute detention at 7:15 in the morning *Note: if you miss a 15-minute detention, you will receive a 30-minute detention.

    3. A 30-minute detention at 7:00 in the morning *Note: if you miss a 30-minute detention, you will be written up.

    4. Contact parent or guardian via email.

    5. Referral to the office

    **Severe disruptions or behavior will be written up immediately and student will be sent to the office.



    Grading is cumulative and students will be assessed by the following methods:

    1. Bellwork: Students are expected to complete bellwork each day upon entering the classroom and turn them in at the designated time.

    2. Classwork/Homework: This will be collected periodically to ensure that the students are on-task. You will be allowed to make-up missed assignments within the three school days (as per School Policy) with a valid excuse. Assignments will be posted in the Make-Up Planner. It is the students’ responsibility to obtain any missed assignments.

    3. Tests/Quizzes: There will be quizzes and/or tests weekly. All tests and quizzes are comprehensive; students are responsible for learning and retaining information learned in class.

    4. Projects: You will have several projects each semester that are based on the material being taught at the time. Each project will have a visual and verbal component.

    5. Midterm/Final Exams: Both the midterm and final will be comprehensive.


    Make-Up Policy:

    You have three school days from when you return back to school to make-up any missed assignments, quizzes, or tests.

    All tests and quizzes must be made up before school or during Academic Period. It is your responsibility to get a hall pass from the teacher.

    Students must be present in class for occasional bonus opportunities. Bonus assignments cannot be made up.

    Students must turn in projects the day they return to school. For each additional day a project is late, ten points will be deducted.

    *All assignments will be posted in the Make-Up Planner. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any missed assignments from the Make-Up Work Bin.