•  The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

    The Lightning Thief

    by Rick Riordan Year Published: 2005

    Percy Jackson is a 12 year old boy with Dyslexia and ADHD living in New York City.  During a class field trip to the Metropolitian Museum of Art he stands up to a bully picking on his friend Grover Underwood.  Percy and Grover are slung into a mysterious quest that changes both of their lives forever!

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  • The Whipping Boy

    by Sid Fleischman Year Published: 1987

    Prince Horace is a spoiled brat who misbehaves in order to get attention from his father the King. Since he is a Prince no one can spank him.  His father gets him a "Whipping Boy" (this is a boy who will get all of Prince Horaces' spankings when he misbehaves). Jemmy, an orphaned is the boy for the job. Jemmy learns how to read, write, and do math while he lives in the castle but he is beatened several times a day.  He wants to be free.  The Prince decides he will run away and demands that Jemmy acts as his servant. Many scary things happen to the boys while they are on their adventure, they are captured by famous robbers who decide to hold the boys for ransom, meet a man who's wagon full of potatoes is stuck in the mud, and comes across a girl who is searching for her dancing bear.  This terrible horrible Prince Brat and Jemmy become best friends by the end of the story.

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