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    facilitated by peers, presentations are relevant and from classroom teachers, collaborative learning for teachers, easy for non-techie people to grasp

    Great presenter with great information I can use in my classroom.

    I learned so much information that I am excited that I can possibly implement some of it within my classroom, such as some apps.

    I love learning about new things to implement in the classroom from my own peers. Presenters were fantastic and very knowledgeable in their area.

    Love being able to see short presentations of things that I can use in my classroom but have not had time to take a Tech class on. Photo Booth was GREAT!!!!

    I enjoyed seeing all the different tools that other teachers use in our parish.

    great day, well planned and organized

    It was a great day, really fun to collaborate with other teachers to see what they are using effectively in their classrooms.

    Everything was great.

    The greatest strength is having teachers show what they are using in their class, why they chose it, and how they are using that technology.

    Loved Flip Flop day, I learned so much and the day flew by!

    Great new programs and resources- LOVE TinkerCad :)

    Hands on

    I really enjoyed the mini sessions because I felt like I got just enough information that I could revisit and explore on my own.

    All of the presenters were very knowledgeable of their presentations. The presentations that involved interaction were very beneficial. The library presentation was very helpful.

    The presentations were excellent! I really enjoyed the day! The facilitators made things seamless for me as a presenter! I appreciate all of the help and support! I learned a lot from my colleagues! Definitely will attend again!

    This was awesome to see what other teachers are using in their classrooms. Wished we had more time and more participation.

    Presenters know and understand real-life application in the classroom

    all of the new resources to incorporate in the classroom. I adored the app -- Photo Booth -- can't wait to use it!!!

    The biggest strengths included the variety of session topics. I loved the library resources, digital textbooks, NearPod, emaze, and the Sea Turtle sessions. I got so much information to bring back to the teachers at my school. I grew professionally. I was thinking that I wish there was more than one of these a year.

    Great presentations on a variety of topics

    I loved all the information presented and that it has been used in the classroom by a real teacher! Awesome!! I also loved that there were so many door prizes given away (and they were awesome...not cheesy stuff nobody will use)!!

    This workshop was awesome. I hope word-of-mouth spreads enthusiasm for the next Flip Flop Day. Maybe you could take a survey and find out a popular time to have the next one.

    It was a great day overall. Thanks for everything y'all do. :)

    The presenters I listened to were amazing. I used Kahoot today. The students loved it.

    Great new ideas and concepts to bring back to my classroom

    Getting new ideas to use in the classroom. Sharing with other teachers.

    Colette Taillon and Rebecca Cullen were very knowledgeable and presented very well. Their choices of topics were innovative and current. I believe that teachers left with tech tools that can be aligned to CCSS and will also improve student engagement and discipline.

    I really enjoyed seeing what other teachers are doing with their students.

    The instructors where very informed and experienced. Each presentation was very clear and showed how these technologies can be applied in the classroom. My favorite was the lecture on BlackBoard.

    I loved learning from my peers. It was nice to see what others are doing in the class.

    I was able to bring back information to use in my classroom.

    I really enjoyed the freedom of choosing our own schedule throughout the day. Every presenter was extremely knowledgeable on their subject area and very helpful. I learned a lot about the use of technology in the classroom.

    Brought many new learning tips and educational resources and websites.

    Some of the teachers really knew what they presented. I loved hearing real world experiences.

    All of the materials presented are directly applicable. I saw a lot of new resources that I can use to better my students.

    I loved being able to use some of the things we were being taught while in the workshop. I'm a tactile learner so this helped me tremendously!

    Instructors showed in a very practical way the use and the innovations of the materials and gave several ideas of how this technology can be used in every classroom; no matter the subject, the technology is applicable in every way. The themes were presented in a very easy flowing and rapid way. The time literally flew! it was very interesting.

    I loved learning what classroom teachers are actually using in their classrooms! It was very practical!

    this is my second flip flop, I will consider presenting next year.

    Great job!!

    I enjoyed attending the PD.

    Overall the workshop was very good and I had so much fun.

    It was a lot of fun, and I am excited to implement these new, technology-based learning strategies in the classroom!

    I'm so glad I went. I gave up a Saturday, but I learned that I will never miss another Flip Flop as long as TPSS has them. It has also    inspired me to get more involved with the other technology PDs online. And! I won the HP Stream! What could be better than that?! Thanks so much!!

    Thank you so much to Vicki Blackwell and our awesome tech facilitators! If there is anything I can do to help next year, let me know!

    Loved the Flip Flop Workshop

    I look forward to next year.

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to attend this training. I really wasn't sure what to expect.. I enjoyed the experience.

    I love the new tech building! Very nice computers and screens. Plus, the snack station was great.

    I want to come to this EVERY year!!

    I am very impressed by the professionalism and dedication of every one of the presenters. I cannot point out any weakness of the training. Everything was perfectly planned and developed. The facilitators, presenters and staff were very professional and you can tell, in everything, that every detail was planned and made with love, professionalism and dedication. I really enjoyed been at the training

    Awesome day! I can't wait until next year. I want to present again...maybe something else.